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Google My Business:
Doctors & Medical Practices

Increase your practice’s visibility on Google Maps and Search

When people search for a doctor (e.g., “orthopedic surgeon near me”), does your practice show up first in Google? If not, then we can help.

Google reviews, ratings, and profiles are invaluable for doctors in today’s ever-expanding field of digital marketing. For many practices, Google My Business (GMB) is their lead generation tool and source of web traffic. Google My Business will help put your business on the map, literally.

Google My Business is an easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. By verifying and editing your business information, you help customers find you and tell them the story of your business. Originally businesses created a Google+ profile, but this process was streamlined and merged into Google My Business in 2014. Now Google My Business is the one-stop-shop for all business information, reviews, ratings, photos, and more.

Google My Business makes you and your medical practice discoverable online so more patients can find you quickly and easily. 93% of all online experiences begin with search engines and 90% of all searches occur on Google. Optimizing your Google My Business profile will increase your medical practice’s search visibility so you can be seen and discovered by more patients. For medical practices, growing your organic presence through Google My Business should be one of your top marketing priorities.

In addition to our robust Review Builder and Survey products, we offer end-to-end solutions for Google My Business. Let our team of experts do the heavy lifting and manage and optimize your Google profiles.


Google’s Local 3-Pack & Why It Matters

Whenever you perform a local Google search (e.g., “orthopaedic surgeon near me”), the results page is broken up into three sections:

  1. Pay-Per-Click (paid) ads via AdWords
  2. Google’s local 3-pack & map
  3. Organic search results

Most of the page’s real estate is Google’s local 3-pack. The local 3-pack is very competitive and highly coveted. It used to be the local 7-pack, but in 2014, Google reduced the number of featured businesses to three. As a business owner, the local 3-pack offers tremendous potential traffic and new business. To be featured here, Google looks at a number of factors such as: number of reviews, overall rating, Name/Address/Phone (NAP) consistency, keywords, profile completeness, review “freshness”, photos, and much more! If you’re Google My Business profile is not optimized, this should be one of your first digital marketing priorities.

Google my business for doctors

How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listings for Doctors

Claim Your Doctor or Medical Practice Google My Business Listing

The first step is to claim an existing listing or create a new one from scratch.

google my business for doctors

The above image highlights the three most common Google My Business scenarios for doctors.

Single Practitioner Practice:

If you are the sole doctor of a medical practice, then you only need one Google My Business listing. In this instance, you could create a single listing, named using the following format: [medical practice]: [doctor name]. Example: “Advanced Orthopedics: John Smith, M.D.

Multi-Practitioner Practice:

According to Google best practices, an individual doctor should create his or her own dedicated listing if:

  • He or she operates in a public-facing role. Note that nurse practitioners and physical therapists are allowed to have their own listings.
  • He or she is directly contactable at the verified location during stated hours.

A doctor should not have multiple listings to cover all of his or her specialties. Remember that the title should only include the name of the doctor. Both the MD or Dr. designation are acceptable. The title should not include the name of the hospital or medical practice.

Good Title: John A. Smith, M.D.

Bad Title: John A. Smith, M.D. – Advanced Orthopedics

The organization should create a listing for each location, separate from that of the practitioner. If your medical practice has five doctors and two locations, then you will want seven separate listings in total.

Multi-Practitioner & Multi-Location Practices:

Google allows separate Google My Business listings for each doctor and location.  For example, if a doctor sees patients at a three office locations, he/she in theory could have three doctor listings. However, we at rater8 discourage this. Why? Because of review and rating dilution. Instead, we recommend one listing per doctor.

To claim ownership, a postcard will be sent by Google to the business address within 3-5 business days.  This postcard contains a verification code. Please note that Google My Business does not allow PO boxes.  Once your listing is claimed, then you can begin editing and optimizing your profile. For complete verification instructions, visit here.

Add Consistent NAP

It’s important to have a consistent name, address, and phone number (NAP) within your Google My Business profile. Make sure this information is up-to-date and consistent on all platforms, websites, and directories (not just Google My Business). Having an inconsistent NAP will mislead or confuse users and you risk losing their business. Furthermore, it may hurt your SEO rankings. You’re allowed to input two phone numbers (mobile and landline). You cannot enter your fax number.

Add Photos

Upload high quality, professional photos. Headshots are great. You can also include the practice’s logo or images of the building/facilities. One recommendation is to avoid stock photos. Stock photos are acceptable on the website, but they do not belong in your Google My Business profile.

Add Videos

After you upload photos, consider adding videos to your profile. Very few practices (or businesses in general) take advantage of this feature. If you choose to add a video, it will set you and your practice apart from other listings. The process of adding videos to your Google My Business profile is similar to photos: within the main dashboard, navigate to the Photos tap and select “Video” from the top toolbar.

Add Hours

Potential (and existing) patients want to know when you’re open for business. Listing the hours helps visitors know when they can and cannot contact you. Google My Business also allows to update your hours for holidays using the “special hours” feature.

Select Categories

Google allows you to categorize your business. It’s important to select your categories carefully – they should be specific and relevant to your specialty. Don’t simply say “Doctor.” Instead be more specific (i.e., “Orthopedic Surgeon”).  Google allows you to type in your own category, but it’s in your best interest to use the auto-complete categories. Avoid repeats or basic phrase variation. For example, the service “eye surgery” and “eye surgeon” are too similar and a waste of a category.  You’re allowed to choose up to 10 categories. The first category you enter will be considered your primary category so this one carries more weight than others.

Add a Compelling Business Description

This is your opportunity to shine. Tell potential patients what sets you apart from other doctors or medical practices. Do not include URLs or HTML code. The business description is cut off at 750 characters so be sure not to exceed this length. Lastly, avoid keyword stuffing, but be sure to target relevant and important terms.

Add Your Practice’s Website URL

The URL should direct users to the practice’s website. Do not direct users to a social media profile like Facebook or LinkedIn. Similar to NAP, the URL you use should be consistent and up to date.

Grow Your Reviews and Ratings

rater8 can help. After all, this is our specialty. We help you build strong reviews consistently and organically overtime. This will boost your medical practice’s visibility in the local 3-pack, drive more visitors to your website, and increase your practice’s profitability.

Measuring Your Google My Business Success

Google My Business Insights

Google My Business comes with robust reporting capabilities. To monitor your progress, you’ll want to click on your Insights tab within the Google My Business dashboard.  The three most important metrics that you want to monitor are the “Website visits”, “Call you”, and “Ask directions.” You can adjust your time window. However, within Google My Business, you can only look back at the last quarter. For more robust web analytics, you should have Google Analytics installed. This will allow you to analyze more historical data and it will also offer insights into how people interact with your practice’s website once landed.

Get Started with Google My Business

Managing your Google profiles can be time-consuming and tedious, particularly for larger medical practices. To ensure your profile is effective and driving quality traffic to your website, leave your Google My Business profiles in the hands of professionals. rater8 consultants are experts in Google My Business marketing for medical practices. Our qualified team will ensure each listing is unique, professional, and drives results.

  • Setup and configuration

  • Content writing

  • Keyword analysis

  • Ensure profile accuracy and consistency

  • Remove/merge duplicate listings

  • Customer engagement analytics

rater8 consultants have years of experience crafting eye-catching profiles for medical practices. Our end-to-end solutions help get you results. Contact us to learn more!

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