All plans include:

$59per doctor/month*

  • Online Review Builder: pollin8™
  • rater8 Platform
    • Aggregate all reviews
    • Search, filter, and analyze
    • Respond to reviews


$79per doctor/month*

  • Essentials features, and...
  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys
    • Verified Review Pages
    • Benchmarking Reports
    • Service Recovery workflow
    • Patient feedback summaries
    • Automated low-rating alerts
$89per doctor/month*

  • Plus features, and...
  • Social & Testimonial Posts
    • Website testimonials widgets
    • Website ratings badges
    • Automated social posts
    • Configurable posting cadence

*Minimum annual fees of $2,000. Clients that do not meet the minimum threshold are not eligible for a free trial. 

Schedule a demo. See rater8 in action!

Schedule a demo to see rater8 in action. Our team will also put together a detailed online reviews analysis for your practice, analyzing your presence across Google, Healthgrades, Vitals, and WebMD to identify specific areas of improvement for your practice.


What Medical Groups Say About Us

Bradley Scheel - CEO, Cary Orthopaedics _

I can honestly say that in 25 years of business, I don’t think I have ever seen a vendor come in and deliver on a promise they way these guys do. I implemented their program in two different practices. rater8 is delivering the exact same results with incredible speed at a totally different practice. The cost is negligible in terms of the result. The marketing firm is mystified as to how we are doing this.

    Brian Bizub - CEO, Raleigh Orthopaedics -

    rater8 was the easiest product to set up in my 33-year healthcare career. We really appreciate the ease of implementation and the periodic strategy consults. rater8 gets to know our business and creates a real relationship – something I’ve rarely seen in healthcare.