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Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Gather patient feedback seamlessly through automated patient satisfaction surveys. Use sentiment analysis and benchmarking to get granular and improve specific areas of the patient experience.

rater8's patient satisfaction surveys collect real-time patient feedback
Get feedback right away

Deliver Mobile-Friendly Patient Satisfaction Surveys via Text & Email

Choose from 160+ benchmarkable survey questions, delivered to patients in quick and easy 5-question micro-surveys.

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Direct integration with practice systems means patients receive a survey immediately after checkout.

Patients can provide feedback on specific employees (like front desk staff) by name and profile picture.

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Export comments and reports to share with team members.

rater8 patient satisfaction survey steps 1-3 on mobile

Short & Anonymous

Internal, 5-question micro-surveys make feedback short and simple. Because our surveys are anonymous, patients feel comfortable providing honest feedback.

160+ Healthcare-Focused Questions

Choose from 160+ questions that focus on all aspects of your practice and operations: from the doctors, front desk staff, and clinical staff, to the check-in process, office cleanliness, and more.

Question Randomization

We automatically randomize and rotate the survey questions, keeping surveys short and ensuring you capture a wide range of data.

29% Response Rate

Our micro-surveys are fun and easy to fill out, leading to high response rates and patient engagement.​

Real-Time Integrations

Our 100+ EMR and practice management system integrations mean that surveys are sent to patients in real-time, immediately after checkout.

Advanced Targeting & Granularity

Target specific patients based on their appointment type. Capture granular data at the individual provider, staff, or location level, allowing you to drill down for insights.

Personalized Surveys

Our surveys feature headshots of the providers and front desk staff to add a personal touch and increase response rates.​

Redundant Survey Protection

To avoid overwhelming repeat patients with surveys, we offer configurable survey redundancy protection. The default is 45 days, meaning patients won't receive more than one survey during this time period.

rater8 Analytics Dashboard
Data is King

Analytics Dashboard

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Improve practice operations, identify star performers and their key competencies, and address employees in need of additional training.

One centralized dashboard pulls in all internal and external reviews from rater8, Google, Healthgrades, Vitals, and WebMD.

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Flag comments or reviews, filter by star-rating, and drill down at the provider or question level to uncover trends and insights.

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Export comments and reports to share with team members.

rater8 Ratings Distribution
Trend Analysis

Ratings Distribution

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Use our analytics dashboard to accurately measure the performance of your patient-facing employees.

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Monitor survey volume, net promoter scores, and star-ratings of your physicians and advanced practitioners side-by-side for easy analysis.

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Track surveys sent, open rates, response rates, delivery methods, trends, and more.

rater8 Ratings Distribution
Graph of rater8's benchmarkable patient survey data
Practice Improvement

Survey Data

Easily identify challenges or problem areas within your practice.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

Granular Data

Employee & Location Drill-Down

Benchmark your performance and compare your practice and physicians to peers to drive improvements in patient experience.

Low rating alerts
Real-Time Capabilities

Low Rating Alerts

Our surveys are anonymous. However, when our algorithm detects the patient is unhappy, the patient will receive a prompt upon clicking submit: "We strive for 5 stars. Would you like to share your identity with the practice administrator?"

If the patient chooses to share their identity, an email alert is automatically sent to the designated recipient, presenting the opportunity to proactively and promptly address issues as soon as they arise, turning unhappy patients into practice evangelists.

Low rating alerts

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