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Major Health Partners:
9,097% Increase in 5-Star Patient Reviews

Cardiovascular Institute
of the South:
Added 33,000 New Patient Reviews in 1 Year

Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics:
Optimized Online Presence and Patient Experience

Gonzaba Medical Group:
Fostered Exceptional Patient Experience

Huron Gastro:
14,114% Increase in Online Patient Reviews

Urology Centers of Alabama:
5,587% Increase in Online Patient Reviews

Dakota Eye Institute:
Dominating Local Search Results After 1 Year

Pediatric Ophthalmic Consultants:
GMB Traffic is 9.1x Web Traffic

Princeton Orthopaedic Associates:
1,336% Increase in Online Patient Reviews

Suburban Orthopaedics:
29x Return on Investment

Cary Orthopaedics:
37% Increase in Calls and Website Clicks

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