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Healthcare's Most Powerful Online Review Builder

Effortlessly cultivate 5-star patient reviews through the power of pollin8™ — healthcare’s only goal-based review builder. Dominate search results and outshine your local competition.

rater8's automated algorithm, pollin8, builds 5-star reviews across the top healthcare review sites
With rater8, your practice will dominate search results
Dominate Search Results

Outshine Your Competition

With hundreds (or thousands) of 5-star reviews, you’ll stand out from the competition in organic and local search. When prospective patients are searching for a new provider, they’ll choose you over your competitors, increasing your patient volume.

5-star reviews from Google, Healthgrades, and Vitals
Automated review cultivation

pollin8™ – Healthcare's Only Goal-Based Review Builder

To build a perfect online image, simply tell rater8 what your goals and targets are across three areas.

Reviews - How many reviews do you want on each online review platform?

Ratings - What is your target average rating for each platform?

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Recency - How often do you want new reviews added?

Once you set these goals, rater8’s proprietary algorithm takes care of the rest to create a perfect online image…every time.

5-star reviews from Google, Healthgrades, and Vitals
rater8's automated algorithm, pollin8, builds 5-star reviews across the top healthcare review sites

Healthcare practices lack the time, resources, and technology to effectively manage every single review listing. 

For example, a 20-doctor, 5-location practice where each doctor sees patients at 2 office locations will have over 100 different online listings to manage and monitor. 

Thanks to pollin8, rater8 automatically routes patients to the review sites that need reviews most.

Other review building platforms leave it up to patients to choose the review sites. But with hundreds of listings, building online reviews efficiently and equitably is a challenge, if not impossible.

This is why we developed pollin8. With rater8, you set the goals, and we automatically take care of the rest, redirecting patients to where you need reviews the most. This ensures a polished and balanced online image.

Automated & Seamless

We integrate with 100+ EMR and practice management systems so you can build online reviews quickly and automatically. No time or manual intervention required.


Monitor and respond to all third-party reviews in one centralized dashboard.


Patients are encouraged to share their thoughts across all major healthcare review sites including Google, Healthgrades, Facebook, Vitals, and WebMD.

pollin8™: Goal-Based Review Builder

The most intelligent online review-building algorithm in the market ensures you have a polished and balanced online image. The patients don't decide where to write reviews — you do, by setting your target goals.

Real-Time Email or Text Invitations

Patients are invited to leave reviews via post-visit text or email requests sent immediately after checkout. You set the primary delivery method to get maximum results.


Build online reviews across all your individual doctor and location listings, creating a balanced online image and boosting your visibility in search results.

Specifically for Healthcare

Invite patients to leave a review based on their appointment type.

Damage Control Protection

Protect your online image by amassing an abundance of 5-star reviews across the leading healthcare review sites.

rater8 Online Reviews Scorecard depicting quality and quantity of reviews for a dozen doctors across Google, Healthgrades, Vitals, and WebMD.

Reviews Analysis

Track the rating and number of reviews for each individual provider and office location.

Identify and target the holes in your online reputation.

Cultivate reviews for provider and practice listings simultaneously and watch your reputation improve in real time.

What's the Buzz About?

40x average return on investment, measured by increase in new patient volume.

4.87 average star-rating across all rater8 clients, and 97% of reviews are 4 and 5 stars.

29% overall response rate to review requests.

Table depicting online reviews built in 3 months for 7 rater8 clients. Practices range from 7-48 doctors, and average number of reviews/doctor/month ranges from 11.1 - 17.1.

The rater8 Difference

Princeton Orthopaedic Associates, Online Reviews Added by Star Rating, 2015-2022

The rater8 Difference

When Princeton Orthopaedic Associates (POA) first partnered with rater8 in 2019, they had 55 reviews and an overall rating of 3.3 stars across 5 locations. After just one month of focusing rater8’s automated review-building technology on their location listings, POA accumulated over 200 new reviews and grew their overall rating to 4.6 stars.

After a few more months of focusing only on their location listings, POA began allocating a portion of patients to leave reviews on their doctors’ listings across Google, Healthgrades, Vitals, and the practice’s Facebook page. All they had to do was set their review and rating goals across these review sites, and rater8’s pollin8™ algorithm took care of the rest.

Read more about POA’s successful partnership with rater8 on their case study page.

Social proof is key

Testimonials Widget

rater8’s testimonials widget is easily embedded into each doctor’s profile page on your practice’s website.

The widget automatically pulls in 5-star reviews of 100+ characters from the top healthcare review sites for publication.

All reviews published on a doctor’s profile page via the widget are tailored toward that specific doctor, strengthening the profile and reputation of each physician at your practice.

rater8 testimonials widget embedded in a doctor's profile on a practice website
rater8 Verified Reviews page
Real patients, guaranteed

Verified Reviews Pages

For better or worse, anyone can leave a review on Google, Healthgrades, and other top healthcare review sites. With rater8 Verified Reviews, we can guarantee they're from real patients who were invited to leave a review immediately following their appointment.

The rater8 Verified Reviews badge is embedded in each doctor’s profile page on your practice’s website. Selecting the badge on a doctor's profile page will open their rater8 Verified Reviews page at reviews.rater8.com, which features all the unfiltered Verified Reviews for that doctor.

rater8’s Verified Reviews pages appear high up in Google search results, presenting yet another opportunity for potential patients to find your practice.

Patient-generated content

rater8 Social

At rater8, we have a wealth of quality, patient-generated content right at our fingertips. Augment your online presence with patient testimonials on Facebook to easily engage patients and showcase your practice’s successes.

Schedule your practice’s posting frequency directly from the rater8 dashboard.

The best 5-star reviews are prioritized for publication and automatically posted to Facebook, ensuring regular new content with no effort required.

rater8 Social; Facebook feed featuring testimonial-grade 5-star reviews from patients

Want to see how you appear online?

Schedule a demo and our team will put together a detailed online reviews analysis for your practice, evaluating your presence across Google, Healthgrades, Vitals, and WebMD. 

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