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Elizabeth Noell Practice Administrator, Wellness Dallas

Tremendous value. They know their business and they communicate clearly and consistently about what they are good at. Their surveys are concise and visually pleasing and my favorite part is that they make it so easy for a patient to leave a review on Google for example. Many of our patients are 45+ years old and don't know how to leave reviews and rater8 cuts out all the steps. The reporting is phenomenal and the quarterly meetings (data reviews) are valuable. Their customer service is very responsive and I cannot say enough good about the people I've met through the process. We are extremely happy with the service.

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Brian Bizub CEO, Raleigh Orthopaedics

rater8 was the easiest product to set up in my 33-year healthcare career. We really appreciate the ease of implementation and periodic data reviews. rater8 gets to know our business and creates a real relationship – something I’ve rarely seen in healthcare.

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Melissa Kale Practice Administrator, Catawba Pediatric Associates

The implementation for rater8 was extremely simple and convenient. The rate8 team collaborated with Allscripts and performed the majority of the set up behind the scenes with no effort on my part. I had the opportunity to select survey criteria and customize to ensure optimization for our practice. I have been impressed by the results we have received in just over a month.

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Nikki Hogan Marketing Consultant, Midwest Bone & Joint Institute

It took only an hour of my time to get rater8 up and running – rater8 did all the work for me. I love that you don’t have to be highly technical - the solution is really intuitive for practice administrators and it’s been a great addition to our practice.

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Ashley Baker Administrator, Sonoran Spine

The team at rater8 had our practice up and running smoothly in a very timely manner. It required minimal time on my end. rater8 is efficient, helpful and best of all…the surveys are productive getting responses from our patients. We highly recommend rater8.

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Robert Carruba Practice Administrator, Neurological Associates

When we decided to implement rater8, I had some concerns about how much of my time it would absorb. All of my worries were quickly relieved. They took the ball and basically handled everything. This was by far the easiest implementation of any application or software that we have ever experienced.

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Lisa Perrone Practice Administrator, The Eye Care Center of New Jersey

It was very easy to implement rater8 at our practice; they made the transition easy and smooth. They also helped me gain control over our Google listings so we felt more in control of what comments were said about our practice. rater8 was able to generate so many positive reviews that our ratings increased quickly.

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Chris Ivaska Patient Experience Manager, Gonzaba Medical Clinic

I love the rater8 data reviews. We have been able to make improvements in our online reputation over a relatively short period of time.​

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Tracey Reid Vice President of Business Development, Georgia Spine & Orthopaedics

Extremely valuable. rater8 has been very thoughtful during the Coronavirus pandemic to include flexibility, and above & beyond customer care​

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Barbara Sack Executive, Midwest Orthopaedics​

Amazing! They are wonderful to work with and have made a huge difference in our online presence. They make suggestions about how we might want to tweak settings to improve our performance on various platforms and then also make the changes for me if I ask.​

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Robby Carruba​ Practice Administrator, Neurological Associates​

I feel like the data reviews are very valuable since there are changes that need to take place often. I believe they are spot on with excellent recommendations and continue to build the trust that I need to let loose more than I have in the past. ​