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Mt. Vernon, Illinois

“rater8 is customized and tailored to our individual practice’s needs. It integrates seamlessly with our practice management system and has successfully boasted our online reviews.”

Exeter, New Hampshire

“We really appreciate the ease of set up. Configuration was quick and painless and we saw high response rates and results quickly, coming out of the gate.”

Our customers love our quick, easy, and results-driven service.

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pediatric ophthalmic consultants

New York City, New York

“rater8 provides us powerful insight into employee and practice performance. It’s proven to be an invaluable marketing and operations management tool for our practice.”

Practice Spotlight

Midwest Orthopaedics

Midwest Orthopaedics proudly serves the Kansas City-metropoliton area. Their board-certified orthopaedic surgeons treat a wide range of general orthopedic issues, including fractures, joint replacement, and musculoskeletal disorders involving the knee, shoulder, hip, and elbows. We asked their practice administrator to share her thoughts on rater8. Here’s what she said:

  • It’s automatic – nothing for us to batch and upload.  Interfaces with our practice management systems and sends surveys automatically without anyone here having to do anything.

  • It’s timely – sends out surveys right after the patient checks out – when they are happiest with us and they aren’t confused about what doctor this is from.

  • RESULTS!  Our Google rankings have increased dramatically in just months.  In several months, we went from 13 Google Reviews, average 2.6 stars to 98 reviews, averaging 4.6! Not only have we gotten results, the doctors are paying attention and liking what they see.

  • Support – the personalized service and support is phenomenal.  This is not an out of the box survey.  They work with every practice to customize what works best for them.

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