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Unlock the full potential of your medical practice with the rater8 platform, designed to cater to medical practices of all sizes. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or the proud owner of a thriving practice with over 250 dedicated physicians, we’re ready to build you a perfect online reputation.

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Our Advantages

Simple Activation – rater8 integrates seamlessly with 100+ EHR and practice management systems, offering a stress-free experience.

Fully Automated – Our proprietary review-building algorithm automatically routes patients to the review sites and listings that need the most attention.

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Specialty Focused – Our platform is designed with insights into the intricacies of each speciality. From ophthalmology to cardiology and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

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Inherent Scalability – Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your practice, our platform is built to grow along with you.

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Improvement-Driven – Collect real-time patient feedback to streamline operations and drive informed decision-making.

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Urology Centers of Alabama, Homewood, Alabama location

Urology Centers of Alabama Grew Their Online Reviews by 5,500%

In their first full year with rater8, UCA built 4,038 new patient reviews, boosting their overall rating from 4.32 to 4.93 stars. Learn how they're reaping the benefits of their enhanced online image!

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Learn how rater8 can make your medical practice the top choice for patients seeking high-quality care.

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pollin8™ – Automated Review Builder

While other review-building platforms leave it up to patients to choose the review sites, our proprietary algorithm, pollin8™, automatically routes patients to the review sites and listings that need the most attention, creating a balanced online reputation across your locations and physicians.

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Patient Satisfaction Surveys & Benchmarking

Seamlessly gather valuable patient feedback to gain a deeper understanding of patient experiences. rater8 offers concise and anonymous micro-surveys delivered in real-time via text or email.

Access our API to analyze survey data and reviews within your organization’s dashboard. Benchmark performance across locations, physicians, and staff.

rater8 Ratings Distribution

Short & Anonymous

Internal, 5-question micro-surveys make feedback short and simple, leading to high response rates and patient engagement. Choose from 100+ questions that focus on all aspects of your practice's operations to gather a spectrum of valuable data.


Patients are encouraged to share their thoughts across all major healthcare review sites, leading to a balanced online image and greater visibility in search results.

Low Rating Alerts

Unhappy patients can share their identity with the practice administrator, allowing them to address issues in the moment.

Advanced Targeting

Target specific patients based on their appointment type. Capture granular data at the individual provider, staff, or location level, allowing you to drill down for insights.

Improve Employee Morale

Share positive reviews with doctors and patient-facing employees to boost morale and offer incentives for high performance.

Redundancy Protection

Set redundancy protection to any number of days to avoid overwhelming repeat patients with surveys. The default is 45 days, meaning patients won't receive more than one survey during this time period.

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