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How rater8 Works

Gain online patient reviews and improve your doctor ratings

How rater8 Works

A step-by-step guide explaining how rater8 helps you gain online patient reviews and ratings


online reviews and ratings

Pollin8 pollin8

Pollin8 is a robust customization engine that provides medical practices total control over how and where their online reviews are generated. With Pollin8, users can assign:

  • The percentage of patients routed to each review site (Google, Yelp, Healthgrades, Vitals, and Facebook)

  • The percentage of patients who are routed to practice review pages vs. doctor review pages

  • The percentage of patients who are sent into rater8 Survey Mode and Review Builder

  • The percentage at both the practice or individual doctor level

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Review Builder

Build 5-Star Reviews Today

Route happy patients to a review site of your choice (Google, Healthgrades, Vitals, Yelp, & Facebook).

Questions Module

Ask Questions & Get Answers

Learn what patients think of your practice and employees. Choose from the rater8 “Question Bank” and explore benchmarking.

Mixed Mode

Experience The Best of Both Worlds

Collect patient feedback and generate online reviews.  Assign the percentage of patient surveys in Survey Mode and Review Builder mode.

Appeal Comments

Maintain Comment Integrity

Identify and delete any inappropriate or mis-categorized (e.g., a patient raves about a doctor, but accidentally gives a 1-star rating) comments.

Google My Business

Grow Your Online Visibility

Optimizing your Google online profile increases the practice’s and doctors’ online visibility and increases traffic to your website and patient volume.

Dashboard Filters

Explore & Visualize Your Data

Filter by employees, questions, job titles, locations, and Survey/Review Builder mode.  Tag favorite comments and filter them by the star rating.

Check-In Staff Ratings

Make Staff Accountable to Patients

Gain insights into how patients view check-in staff to help make staff accountable to patients.  Add check-in staff to your surveys.

Reduce Survey Burden

Maintain High Response Rates

Reduce survey burden on patients and maintain high response rates from follow-up patients. We don’t want burden patients with too many surveys.

Communication Module

Minimize Bad Online Reviews

Algorithm detects unhappy patients and automatically alerts practice managers by email.  Turn unhappy patients into practice evangelists.