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Solutions Tailored to the Business of Healthcare

Solutions Tailored to the Business of Healthcare

Overwhelmed employees at understaffed medical practices don’t have time to think about negative patient reviews, let alone about building a strong, polished online image. Meanwhile, your healthcare private equity firm is swamped with maintaining your brand, consolidating overpriced and underperforming systems, and devising how to improve and standardize operations across multiple partners. You can’t add anything else to your plate!

It may come as a shock to hear that a stellar online reputation not only lightens the load of these hefty tasks, but also drives patient acquisition. And when you enlist rater8 to build a perfect reputation for your partners, you won’t have to lift a finger.

We work with several of the leading healthcare private equity firms across multiple specialties, including orthopedics, ophthalmology, urology, ENT, women’s health, and more.

rater8's automated algorithm, pollin8, builds 5-star reviews across the top healthcare review sites
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rater8 analytics dashboard
rater8 analytics dashboard

Healthcare's Only Goal-Based Review Builder

Healthcare's Only Goal-Based Review Builder

A 20-doctor, 5-location practice where each doctor sees patients at 2 office locations will have over 100 different online listings to manage and monitor. And that’s just one practice.

With hundreds of listings, building reviews efficiently across online review sites is a challenge, if not impossible. Practices lack the time, resources, and technology to effectively monitor and manage every single review listing, and today’s staffing shortages across the industry aren’t helping.

The solution? pollin8! While other review-building platforms leave it up to patients to choose the review sites, our intelligent algorithm automatically routes patients to the review sites and listings that need the most attention.

To build a perfect online image, simply tell rater8 your goals and targets across three areas for each portfolio partner:

Reviews - How many reviews do you want on each online review platform?

Ratings - What is your target average rating for each platform?

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Recency - How often do you want new reviews added?

Once you set these goals, pollin8 automatically takes care of the rest, redirecting patients to where your partners need reviews the most.

If some of your partners are struggling to build reviews on Google, pollin8 will direct patients to leave reviews there. If other partners already look great on Google, pollin8 will ensure patients leave reviews on other top healthcare review sites like Healthgrades, Vitals, WebMD, and Facebook.

Nothing builds patient trust quite like a polished and balanced online image, and rater8 will create the perfect one…for each of your partners, every time.

rater8: Leaders in Healthcare Reputation Management; 5-star reviews from three different people on Google, Healthgrades, and Vitals
rater8: Leaders in Healthcare Reputation Management; 5-star reviews from three different people on Google, Healthgrades, and Vitals

Immediate & Effective

With an overall response rate of 26%, online review requests will start driving results immediately — and no, that doesn’t mean your partners will just get more negative reviews. In fact, our data show that when practices request reviews from all patients, 97% will be 4 or 5 stars.

Win-Win Results

When your partners have fantastic online reputations, you have a stellar reputation, making your private equity firm attractive to new practices you’re looking to acquire.

Boost Patient Acquisition

With hundreds (or thousands) of 5-star reviews, your partners will outshine the competition on Google and local search, driving an increase in patient volume.

Recruit & Retain

It isn’t just patients who will be attracted to your partners’ abundance of 5-star reviews — a polished reputation makes for a place healthcare providers will want to work, easing the recruitment process.

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Measure & Improve

Patient Satisfaction Surveys & Benchmarking

Patient Satisfaction Surveys & Benchmarking

Seamlessly collect patient feedback to capture the patient voice and gain better operational oversight.

rater8’s patient satisfaction micro-surveys make feedback short, simple, and anonymous, fostering a high response rate. Sent in real time via text or email, patients receive the surveys right after checkout.

API access allows you to analyze survey and online reviews data on your firm’s internal dashboards. Benchmark practice, location, and physician performance, along with Net Promoter Scores. Compare the effectiveness of your partners and physicians internally to one another and externally to the competition. Identify star performers and their key competencies, and address employees in need of additional training.

rater8 patient satisfaction survey, designed to increase patient retention.
rater8 patient satisfaction survey, designed to increase patient retention.

100+ Healthcare-Focused Questions

Choose from 100+ questions that focus on all aspects of your partners and operations: from the doctors, front desk staff, and clinical staff, to the check-in process, office cleanliness, and more.

Standardize With Ease

Enterprise-wide benchmarking will offer a clear target for standardization across your portfolio partners.

Low Rating Alerts

When our algorithm detects a patient is unhappy, the user will be prompted to share their identity with the practice administrator. If the patient agrees, an email alert is automatically sent to the administrator, allowing them to address issues the moment they arise.

Question Randomization

We automatically randomize and rotate the survey questions, keeping surveys short and ensuring you capture a wide range of data.

Advanced Targeting & Granularity

Target specific patients based on their appointment type. Capture granular data at the individual provider, staff, or location level, allowing you to drill down for insights.

Improve Employee Retention

Share positive reviews with doctors and patient-facing employees to boost morale and offer incentives for high performance, improving employee retention.

Redundant Survey Protection

We don't want to overwhelm repeat patients with surveys. Within rater8, you can set survey redundancy protection to any number of days. The default is 45 days, meaning patients won't receive more than one survey during this time period.

Real-Time Integrations

Our EMR/PM system integrations mean that surveys are sent in real-time. Patients receive the surveys immediately after checkout.

rater8 Ratings Distribution
rater8 Ratings Distribution
Made For Healthcare

Seamless Integrations

Seamless Integrations

Our integrations are fully automated, run quietly in the background, and allow your partners to send real-time patient surveys and review requests. We take care of setup and activation for seamless integration with any of 100+ practice management and EMR systems.

Integration with rater8 is fast and smooth, with little to no effort required from clients. Your partners will be sending surveys and review requests within days.

The quick completion of setup doesn’t mean the end of help from our support team. The rater8 team is always standing by to assist with your questions.