Why You Should Forget About Yelp and Focus on Google My Business

Why You Should Forget About Yelp and Focus on Google My Business

rater8 works closely with leading review platforms like Google, Facebook, Healthgrades, Vitals, and Yelp.

One of the most common questions is: “What can you do about Yelp? I have hundreds of Yelp reviews, but most are hidden.”

This is a common occurrence and you’re not alone.

Why does Yelp filter reviews?

Yelp actively suppresses reviews, many of which are genuine and from real patients. The reviews are hidden because they are categorized as, “not currently recommended“.

Yelp looks at a number of factors to determine which reviews to display and not recommend.

  • Is the Yelp author active or is this his/her first review? If the author is not very active, Yelp may think that the account was created specifically for this one review and may question its authenticity.
  • Yelp will also look at the IP address of the writer. Was the review written by someone overseas about a medical practice in Ohio? Is the IP address of the writer the same as the business owner? If so, it’s less likely to be authentic or may have been a paid reviewer.
  • Yelp will also look at the quality of the review. Was the review a rant that doesn’t add any value? Is it over-praising your practice- to the point where it may have been written by the business owner?
  • The hidden review may violate any of the other Yelp guidelines, outlined here.

When reviews are not recommended, they are moved to the bottom of the page under a collapsible tab. This means that most readers will never see them.

What does Yelp have to say about hiding online reviews? Here’s their response about their “Not Recommended” logic:

Yelp’s filter is automated. This means that sometimes (often times), real reviews get filtered and unfortunately, there isn’t a lot you can do about it. According to Yelp, “It’s also important to note that because our recommendation software is automated, the Yelp Support team cannot manually override the software to recommend or not recommend a review.”

At rater8, we strongly encourage our clients to focus on Google, not Yelp. Why?

Google is the leading search engine with a 90% market share. Yelp doesn’t even always rank on the first page, whereas Google My Business listings take up half the search results page. Additionally, your Google My Business review will always appear on the first page. On a mobile phone, your Google My Business profile will even display ahead of Google’s organic search results. And on a computer, it displays on the right side, filling half the page.

Within the search engine results, Yelp displays a fraction of the information about the practice or doctor. In the below Yelp screenshot, notice the bland text. There are no photos, star ratings, or review counts.

What Yelp Looks Like:

Your Google My Business profile, however, displays photos, hours, address, phone number, reviews, ratings, business description, website link, and more, all within the search results page. Users can easily find this information without any additional searching. And best of all, Google does not suppress any reviews!

What Google My Business Looks Like:

When it comes to your practice’s online reputation, Google My Business is the most trusted platform. Learn more about Google My Business best practices for doctors.

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