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TestWhy You Should Care About Your Online Reputation

Why You Should Care About Your Online Reputation

My new patient volume comes mostly from referrals, so why should I care about my online reputation?

  1. It’s YOUR reputation! You’ve had 10+ years of medical training, you’re board certified, and you know you provide excellent patient care. Do you want your good name tarnished for the world to see?
  2. A 2020 Doctor.com survey found that 88% of patients will read reviews about a provider, even after they’ve been referred. Plus, the use of referrals to find a provider dropped by 44% since 2018.
  3. According to Becker’s Hospital Review, 48% of patients would go out-of-network for a similar doctor with better reviews.
  4. If you are looking to attract new providers to join your practice, you can guarantee they are going to do their homework. No one wants to start their career at a practice that is not highly rated by its patients.
  5. Competition! Patients have choices, and primary care providers often give them a list of recommended providers. You may be willing to eat at a 3-star restaurant, but would you entrust your care to a 3-star doctor? In fact, Doctor.com found that the majority of patients consider 4 stars to be the lowest-acceptable rating for a doctor.
  6. Again, competition! If you think you don’t need a great online reputation because you’re the only practice in town, think again. Private equity groups have teams of analysts looking for areas of expansion. If they can identify an area where patients are not being satisfied, that presents an opportunity.
  7. More and more insurance companies are pointing their customers to Healthgrades to search for in-network providers. Half of all Americans who see doctors each year use Healthgrades to find the right doctor. Who are these patients most likely to choose?
  8. Speaking of insurance companies, if you have a polished reputation practice-wide, you have much more leverage and evidence to negotiate rates.
  9. If you do nothing to take control of your online presence, you will always be plagued by negatively skewed reviews. It is proven that when you don’t actively request reviews, the patients most motivated to leave reviews are those with negative experiences: happy patients tell their friends, unhappy patients tell the world. rater8’s data clearly shows that when you request reviews from patients, 97% or more will be 4 and 5 stars.
  10. Promote yourself! Showcase your high quality of care and great patient feedback. You’ve worked hard to build a stellar reputation among patients, and you deserve fair and accurate representation online.

Optimizing your digital footprint will allow you to build your online reputation both nationally and in the local communities you serve, leading to more visibility online. More online views means more clicks and higher website traffic, attracting a sustainable source of patients. Relying on referrals is out—bolstering your online reputation is in!

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