Why Doctors Should Stop Wasting Money on Paid Google Ads

Google ads for healthcare practices and doctors are expensive. And it’s very easy to drain your marketing budget quickly…without any results. Pouring money into a paid ad campaign that’s destined to fail isn’t a sound growth strategy. At rater8, we encourage you to reevaluate your paid ad spending. Why?
  • 90% of all search clicks are on Organic (non-paid) search results, not ads.
    • It’s likely your ads are being ignored by your target audience. Most ads have a click rate well below 5%.
  • In hyper-competitive markets, keywords are expensive and can be as high as $50 per single click.
    • Often times, the costs get so prohibitive that you stop doing it.
  • Ads don’t instill confidence in online visitors.
    • Patients want social proof. Google Ads may help get your name out there, but without testimonials, Google Ads will likely provide little or no return on investment. When online, patients are more inclined to click on a Google profile with 300 five-star reviews vs. a paid text ad.
What’s more effective than Google Ads? Your online profiles, specifically Google and the Local 3-Pack. The Local 3 Pack appears above Google’s organic results. It captures the readers’ attention and it’s also visual. Additionally, your online Google My Business profiles are free to set up and optimize. Google wants to feature the best of the best. This means that there’s no way to pay your way to the top. The moment you stop spending on Google Ads is the moment you stop seeing benefits. However, that’s not the case for online profiles and reviews where the investment provides dividends over time. To prove this point, imagine you spend months or years building 5-star quality reviews. The good news is that those reviews never go away. In fact, patients want to see a steady stream of reviews over time. If all your reviews are built up in a 12 month period but your most recent reviews was 8 months ago – it looks a little suspicious. rater8 is the Google Ad replacement. Focus on optimizing your online profiles, build your 5-star reviews consistently over time to outshine the local competition.