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TestWhat Sets rater8 Apart From the Rest

What Sets rater8 Apart From the Rest

Navigating your brand’s online image can be overwhelming. Patient sentiments carry substantial weight and are out of your control — or are they? 

Why leave your brand’s reputation to chance when you have the opportunity to maintain and foster a positive image? Adopting a healthcare reputation management (HRM) solution will promote a domino effect of benefits — from greater online visibility to edging out the competition and establishing patient trust, ultimately resulting in increased patient acquisition. 

Read on to learn why rater8’s cutting-edge features are the obvious choice for your healthcare organization, and discover how quickly you can take your practice to the next level.


Behind the Buzz

  • Learn how rater8 has evolved into the platform it is today.

rater8 is Reputation Management

  • Healthcare reputation management goes beyond collecting a few online reviews. Explore 10 reasons why rater8 is the top choice for healthcare professionals looking to improve their online presence.

Proven Results

  • Take a closer look at some of rater8’s top client success stories and see why they made the switch.

Bottom Line

  • See the platform in action to learn why 12,000 healthcare providers nationwide trust rater8 with their online reputations.

Behind the Buzz

To fully appreciate the standout qualities that set rater8 apart from other reputation management companies, it’s important to understand its origins. Following the successful sale of the healthcare platform SRS Health after 15 years at its helm, Evan Steele, Founder and CEO of rater8, found himself frustrated with the lack of avenues to express feelings about an individual’s service.

This experience led to the inception of rater8, which initially focused on rating people, including doctors and front desk staff. The platform later evolved to encompass the full patient experience, offering a quick and seamless way for medical practices to simultaneously bolster their online reputations and foster practice improvement.

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rater8 is Reputation Management

When healthcare professionals hear the phrase “reputation management,” they often think of a new-age marketing strategy that isn’t worth the investment. However, healthcare reputation management (HRM) is more than just getting a few online reviews; it’s an ongoing endeavor that helps optimize every facet of an organization’s digital footprint.

Putting an HRM solution in place is like toppling the first domino in a sequence of wins. Requesting reviews from all your patients results in an abundance of high-quality reviews, gaining your organization’s listings favor with Google’s algorithms. From there, your group will be front and center in relevant search results, garnering more attention from prospective patients, and ultimately leading to more booked appointments.

The right HRM solution has the power to increase practice profitability and solidify your group’s standing in the community you serve. Additionally, a strong online presence, marked by numerous 5-star reviews, will position your organization as the “go-to” provider in your area, edging out any competitors that might stand in the way.

It cannot be overstated how important it is to have an HRM platform in your tech stack. Notably, a 2020 survey found that 71% of patients rely on online reviews as the very first step in evaluating and selecting a new doctor. Another found that 88% of patients will still look at a provider’s online reviews even after being referred.

Here are some of the standout features that make rater8 a cut above the rest:

1. Automated Review Builder

One of rater8’s key strengths lies in its automated review-building algorithm: pollin8™. Other review-building platforms leave it up to patients to choose where to leave a review. When you have dozens of online listings, letting patients decide makes it challenging, if not impossible, to build a balanced online reputation.

Huron Gastro Stylized pollin8 Chart

pollin8™ places your organization in full control, allowing you to strategically allocate reviews across the most popular sites to create a balanced online image. pollin8™ will adapt to your goals and prioritize the listings that need the most help.

This not only enhances your online image, but gives patients more opportunities to find you — whether they’re searching for your organization or individual providers.

2. Hands-Free Activation

Unlike other vendors, rater8’s activation process requires zero effort on the client’s part. Some platforms may boast an easy setup and automation process, but the truth is, it often requires manual input on the client’s end, not to mention endless back-and-forth communication.

rater8’s award-winning activation team takes care of setup so you can focus on what matters most — delivering exceptional patient care. Plus, rater8’s ability to integrate with 112 EMR and practice management systems means your organization will be up and running smoothly and collecting 5-star reviews in no time.

3. Award-Winning Customer Service

rater8 doesn’t stop at simple activation; it goes the extra mile with award-winning service and support. In an industry where support is paramount, rater8 sets itself apart from the rest by providing responsive and effective assistance. A dedicated account manager works directly with your organization from day one and will guide you through onboarding, periodic strategy consults, and beyond.

rater8 testimonials; G2 logo
Cynthia J.
Marketing Consultant at Urology of Greater Atlanta

"The results we see for our clients' online reviews are great! Customer support and the Account Managers are quick to reply and very helpful! Easy to use platform. Implementation is seamless. Madison is always on point and gives great advice."

rater8’s incredible support team is always standing by to offer ongoing technical support. Clients can rest easy knowing they have the necessary guidance and resources available to succeed in managing their online reputation effectively.

4. Cost-Efficient Pricing

While other companies often charge based on listings, rater8 adopts a unique provider-based pricing model. It’s simple: clients only pay for the services they need. Why pay a premium for each individual listing when you could instead pay to support an unlimited number of listings for each of your providers and your office locations?

This transparent and hassle-free pricing model sets rater8 apart in an industry that is dominated by complex pricing structures.

5. Real-Time Patient Feedback

In addition to soliciting external feedback via review requests, rater8 also helps practices gather internal feedback seamlessly through automated patient satisfaction surveys. With an impressive 29% response rate, these 5-question micro-surveys offer real-time insights into the patient experience. With over 100 benchmarkable survey questions readily available, you can get granular on the areas that matter most to you, helping you make informed operational decisions and improvements.

6. Robust Reporting & Benchmarking

One of rater8’s most compelling features is its robust reporting and analytics capabilities, offering insights into overall ratings, patient sentiment, and areas of improvement. You’ll have the ability to benchmark your performance against 14 million data points collected via our satisfaction surveys. From there, you’ll be able to compare your organization to other top performers by state, region, speciality, and more. You can also benchmark employees, locations, and departments internally to easily identify strengths and weaknesses.

rater8 NPS Summary Report

7. Healthcare-Specific Solutions

While large vendors often label themselves as “experts in reputation management,” this feature is usually an add-on to their business model. In other words, reputation management is not their specialty. More than being our sole focus, rater8 is committed to meeting the reputation management needs of healthcare organizations exclusively. Our entire platform is tailored to meet the unique daily needs of healthcare professionals. Whether you’re a new or established medical practice, the platform is inherently scalable, accommodating organizations at every size and stage.

8. Strategic Partnerships

rater8 acknowledges the value in partnering with marketing agencies. We give agencies the space to excel in their expertise so we can stick to what we do best: reputation management. Plus, if your group is in need of a marketing agency, we’ll set you up with some of the finest in the industry.

In addition to working in tandem with our clients’ agencies, we also form strategic partnerships to bring our clients even more value. At rater8, we understand that hospitals and medical practices must meet certain government requirements to maintain compliance. That’s why we’ve partnered with CMS-approved CAHPS vendor Research & Marketing Strategies, Inc. (RMS). This partnership ensures that our clients can both optimize their online reputations and efficiently fulfill their CAHPS survey requirements — all while delivering exceptional patient care.

9. Recognition of Excellence

Unlike other reputation vendors, rater8 goes above and beyond to shine a spotlight on clients who are making a real difference. Based on insights from our patient satisfaction surveys, the annual Practice Excellence Awards recognize healthcare practices and providers who excel in delivering unparalleled patient experiences. The winners have made a tangible impact in the lives of the patients they serve.

10. 30-Day Free Trial

Saving the best for last, rater8 also offers a 30-day free trial, with no upfront payment required. Learn firsthand  what we can do for your organization. And if it isn’t meant to be, you’ll keep the reviews, and we’ll hope you remember us fondly.

Proven Results

Results speak louder than words, and rater8 has a plethora of client success stories to prove its efficacy. With a 29% response rate and an impressive 4.88 average physician star-rating across all rater8 clients, the platform’s success speaks for itself. 

To paint a picture of rater8 in action, take a look at the success of Urology Centers of Alabama (UCA). Faced with a weak online presence misaligned with its stellar real-world reputation, UCA opted to collaborate with rater8 not only because the platform offered a unique solution, but also because rater8 understood UCA’s needs as a urology center. After just one year with rater8, UCA saw their new online reviews increase by over 5,500%, and their overall rating soar from 4.32 to 4.93 stars.

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Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS) in Louisiana faced a different challenge. The leadership team at CIS was growing frustrated with their survey vendor’s confusing and error-prone system. Transitioning to rater8 and its simple 5-star rating system instilled confidence in the accuracy and timeliness of patient feedback. One year later, CIS had not only gained a clearer understanding of patient needs, but had also built more than 33,000 new online reviews at the same time.

Similarly, Memphis-based Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics found themselves grappling with the frustrations of their non-healthcare-focused reputation management vendor. This resulted in unsatisfactory outcomes, low review volume, and an unbalanced overall reputation. In 2020, the clinic made the strategic decision to partner with rater8. Seamlessly integrating with the clinic’s EMR system, rater8’s innovative solution allowed for the automated, real-time delivery of review requests to patients via text and email. The result? A remarkable 443% increase in new online reviews in just one year, with an average of 145 reviews added for each physician.

Bottom Line

Why settle for a platform that spreads itself thin? rater8 stands out as a shining beacon in a sea of options, tailoring its entire platform specifically for healthcare providers. Whether you’re in a bustling hospital system or a growing medical practice, we’re here to provide solutions that meet your needs. Join the ranks of thousands of healthcare professionals who trust rater8 to elevate their online reputations and increase their patient volume.

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