Trust Marketing - How Today’s Patients Make Healthcare Decisions

TestTrust Marketing: How Today’s Patients Make Healthcare Decisions

Trust Marketing: How Today’s Patients Make Healthcare Decisions

Patients today are empowered consumers seeking reliable information and trustworthy providers. Establishing a strong online presence and fostering credibility through trust marketing significantly impacts a healthcare organization’s reputation and increases patient acquisition. 

While trust marketing may seem like a no-brainer, many organizations fail to take advantage of this valuable, cost-effective strategy.

Read on to learn about trust marketing and how you can use it to your advantage to attract new patients.


The Importance of Trust Marketing

  • With the vast majority of consumers trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations from loved ones, trust marketing is key to earning their confidence.

Putting a Plan in Place

  • Kickstart your trust marketing strategy by ensuring your practice’s location and doctor listings are complete and up to date.
  • The most efficient and effective way to foster patient engagement is through the adoption of a strong healthcare reputation management system, putting the driving forces of trust marketing into play.
  • Taking the time to respond to positive and negative reviews alike not only improves your standing with Google’s ranking algorithms, but also shows prospective new patients that you care about patient feedback.
  • Patient testimonials are the ultimate form of social proof. Showcase them on your practice website and social media channels!

Trust Marketing in Action with Huron Gastro

  • Huron Gastro was struggling with a negatively skewed online image due to a few reviews from unhappy patients. With help from rater8, the group accumulated thousands of positive patient reviews, positioning themselves as a reliable and trustworthy choice for care.

Key Takeaways 

  • Take advantage of rater8’s 30-day free trial to begin establishing trust among your current and prospective patients.

The Importance of Trust Marketing

A recent study shows that 88% of consumers from the U.S. and Canada trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from family and friends. It is essential for patients to feel confident in the healthcare services they seek, and trust marketing plays a pivotal role in conveying that confidence.

The digital age has revolutionized how patients access information, enabling them to research and make more informed decisions about their healthcare providers than ever before. This may feel frustrating to many healthcare professionals, as they beg the question, “How do you reach potential patients in this kind of environment?”

It’s time to say goodbye to conventional advertising and marketing approaches and embrace another shift in healthcare’s newfound digital landscape. Trust is no longer built from “company-to-consumer,” but instead through a “peer-to-peer” connection.

Putting a Plan in Place

One of the most effective ways to build trust is through sharing patient-generated content and feedback. By focusing on this type of content, organizations can shape the narrative that will ultimately tell the story of their practice. It doesn’t take much to launch a trust marketing plan, but the key is to approach it proactively.

Foster Patient Engagement

First and foremost, it’s important to get a handle on your online reputation. Unsatisfied patients are more driven to leave a negative review than satisfied patients are to leave a positive one. Thus, actively encouraging feedback from all your patients is critical in ensuring that your brand is being represented accurately online.

The best way to capture positive feedback?

  1. Ask every patient for a review.
  2. Make the review process as quick and easy as possible for patients.

It’s as simple as implementing a healthcare reputation management system, such as rater8, to automatically request reviews from your patients via post-visit texts or emails. When you satisfy Google’s algorithms with an abundance of frequent, high-quality reviews, you’re also contributing to a patient’s sense of trust and confidence that you’re the right provider to care for them or their loved ones.

Respond to Patients Quickly

When you respond to every single patient review, not only are you getting into the good graces of Google’s ranking algorithms, but you’re also showing that you care about patient feedback. This kind of positive engagement strengthens the patient-provider relationship and instills a sense of trust and loyalty.

Replying to the occasional negative review in a timely manner helps those individuals to quickly reach improved outcomes, which in turn can lead to overall improved patient retention. Likewise, while responding to positive reviews may seem less crucial, it produces the same effect. Patients like to feel heard, and when you consistently acknowledge their feedback, they’ll keep coming back.

Given this patient-provider dialogue occurs in a public forum, your responses hold significant sway over prospective patients. In fact, a 2020 survey found that 71% of patients rely on online reviews as the very first step to selecting a new doctor. As the saying goes, “You never have a second chance to make a good first impression.”

Large practices may find it arduous to monitor scores of listings, let alone reply to every review. That’s why rater8 offers a streamlined advantage. With the help of HIPAA-compliant response templates, our optimized workflow allows you to respond to reviews in just two clicks in your rater8 dashboard.

Showcase Your Social Proof

Patients today are deciding whether to trust medical practices based on what their peers say, rather than what the practices are saying about themselves. That’s why patient testimonials are the most powerful tool for establishing credibility.

Cultivating an abundance of reviews across all the top review platforms is highly valuable and influential. Patient reviews should be viewed as brand content to be showcased. Beyond a dedicated testimonials page on your website, consider strategically placing testimonials on key pages, such as the homepage, contact page, and service line pages. Get even more granular and feature 5-star, doctor-specific testimonials on provider bio pages.

rater8 Testimonials Widget

Don’t stop there — showcase the voices of your happy patients on social media! Use rater8 to help you find reviews that are the best of the best with the highest star rating and sentiment scores – and dedicate a special day of the week on your social channels just for testimonials.

Alternatively, to make things even easier, automate the process entirely with rater8 Social, which automatically publishes 5-star, testimonial-grade reviews directly to your Facebook feed at a customizable cadence. This ensures fresh, consistent content with little to no effort, and further bolsters your social proof and online presence.

Trust Marketing in Action with Huron Gastro

It’s hard to prove to prospective patients that you’re the right choice when your digital welcome mat says otherwise. Take Huron Gastro for example, a multi-location gastroenterology group in southeast Michigan. In 2022, they grappled with a negatively skewed online image due to a few Google reviews from unhappy patients. The group quickly learned that unhappy patients, unprompted, are naturally more inclined to share their experiences and can wreak havoc on a practice’s online image and trustworthiness with just a few keystrokes.  

With help from rater8, Huron Gastro was able to strategically position themselves as a trustworthy and reliable choice in gastroenterology. This involved showcasing the group’s thousands of positive reviews online, which not only established firm trust and confidence with potential patients, but also improved their dominance in search engine rankings. Consequently, their overall star-rating soared from a relatively low 4.03 to a stellar 4.94, making them the clear choice for gastroenterology care in southeast Michigan.

Key Takeaways

A solid trust marketing strategy is vital for any healthcare practice looking to thrive in today’s market. While the digital healthcare landscape is always changing, it’s important to stay vigilant and develop a plan that works to attract the modern patient, and it all starts with gaining their trust.

Are you ready to effortlessly cultivate 5-star reviews, capture patient feedback, and establish trust among current and prospective patients? Don’t miss out — start your 30-day free trial today and take your practice to the next level with rater8!

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