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Increased online referrals by 41% year-over-year


Suburban Orthopaedics serves the Chicago area and employs 6 physicians, 5 physician assistants, and 8 physical therapists.

Competition for patients in Chicago is fierce, as the city hosts over 400 orthopedic surgeons. With this in mind, Suburban Ortho began looking at ways to better capture prospective patients’ attention and book more appointments.

“One area we noticed that needed improvement was our practice’s online image, especially as more and more patients are turning online to “shop” for care. Our office locations’ and providers’ online reviews and ratings didn’t match the actual care we provide. And other practices nearby were starting to significantly build up their online reviews.”

To keep from falling behind, Suburban Orthopaedics began exploring reputation management solutions. After being referred by a colleague in the American Alliance of Orthopedic Executives (AAOE), Suburban Orthopaedics went live with rater8 in June 2018. 


After a few months of sending automated surveys through rater8, Suburban Ortho’s reviews and ratings on Google, Healthgrades, and other healthcare review sites increased sharply. Following the improvement in their online reputation, Suburban Orthopaedics experienced a spike in their online patient referrals. From October 2018 to February 2020, Suburban Orthopaedics experienced a 41% year-over-year growth in online referrals. This translates to an increase of 144 new online referrals per year, or 24 new patients per doctor per year.

Return on Investment

Suburban Orthopaedics realized a return of 29x their investment in rater8. They went from 29 online referrals per month to 41, representing a 41% year-over-year increase in online referrals. That’s 12 more online referrals per month, or 2 per month for each of their 6 doctors.

“rater8 has been the most cost-effective investment we’ve ever made in marketing technology.”

Year-Over-Year Growth in Online Referrals
0 %
New Patients Per Doctor Per Year
Return on Investment
0 x
Suburban Orthopaedics Google My Business profile with 4.7 stars overall and nearly 200 reviews.

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