What to Expect from a rater8 Strategy Consultation

TestCharting Success: What to Expect From a rater8 Strategy Consultation

Charting Success: What to Expect From a rater8 Strategy Consultation

rater8 offers more than just reputation management for healthcare providers. Through recurring strategy consultations, our clients also benefit from a personalized experience tailored to their organization’s unique needs.

Unlike other reputation management platforms, rater8 takes a holistic approach to your practice’s success. Our team of experts works closely with you to establish goals and provide ongoing support, ensuring a smooth journey to a perfect online reputation and finely-tuned operations.


Dedication to Client Success

  • Understand our white-glove approach to customer service, and explore the typical timeline for new rater8 clients, from the beginning of our 30-day free trial to 3 months post-trial.

A Closer Look at rater8 Strategy Consultations

  • Explore six key elements to success, with your dedicated account manager as your guide.

From Insights to Action

  • Discover why 12,000 healthcare providers nationwide trust rater8 with their online reputations and how you can become part of this community.

Dedication to Client Success

At rater8, we understand that healthcare organizations face unique challenges. Even the smallest of operational changes, let alone adding a new tech stack solution to your toolkit, can quickly become overwhelming. That’s why rater8 offers a game-changer: strategy consults led by dedicated account managers (AMs). From your very first day with rater8, your AM, along with our award-winning support team, will ensure that you’re reaping all the benefits the platform has to offer.

New Client Timeline Overview

  • Go-Live/Day 0 On the day rater8 “goes live” with your organization — thus beginning your 30-day free trial — your dedicated AM will reach out to schedule a Zoom meeting at the 14-day mark. 
  • Day 14 – Your AM will walk you through the platform, review the initial results and data collected during the first two weeks of the trial, and make any necessary adjustments for the remainder of the trial. 
  • Day 30 – At the end of the free trial, you’ll meet with your AM to review the final trial results, set your review-building and survey strategies for the coming months, and discuss any other rater8 features your practice can implement.
  • 3-4 Months Post-Trial – About one quarter after the free trial, you’ll meet with your AM to follow up on action items and revisit the overall strategy.

A Closer Look at rater8 Strategy Consultations

Here are six key areas discussed during a rater8 strategy consultation:

1. rater8 Resources

It cannot be overstated the importance of equipping our clients with the tools and resources they need to excel in delivering exceptional patient experiences. That’s why our team goes above and beyond during every rater8 strategy consultation to provide a wealth of educational materials aimed to assist in helping organizations increase their patient satisfaction and practice success.

2. Review-Building Strategy

During the free period trial, most rater8 clients begin their review-building journey by bolstering their Google listings with an abundance of 5-star patient reviews. Others work with their AM to develop a strategy to cultivate reviews on other top healthcare review sites such as Healthgrades, Vitals, WebMD, and Facebook. No matter your strategy, our automated algorithm, pollin8™, will direct patients to leave reviews on the listings that need the most attention.

3. Survey Strategy

After optimizing your review-building strategy, a large part of the rater8 strategy consultation is spent undergoing a thorough assessment of survey questions. With 100+ questions that focus on all aspects of your practice and operations, you and your AM will be able to pinpoint the ones that matter most to your organization.

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4. Benchmarking

Benchmarking is another key element covered during the strategy consult, offering a high-level insight into your practice’s performance on specific questions. The AM takes time to pinpoint areas for improvement by comparing your survey results to rater8’s national benchmark, consisting of over 16 million patient feedback data points.

Graph of rater8's benchmarkable patient survey data

5. Trend Analysis

Trend analysis is important for uncovering patterns across different locations and providers. By filtering testimonials and low ratings, the AM can highlight recurring positive aspects, such as exceptional staff or welcoming waiting rooms. Conversely, they can pinpoint areas of concern and glean insights for improvement.

6. Operational Insights

Once clients are far along enough in their reviewing-building journey, this is the perfect time to start analyzing the rater8 survey data. For example, a recent rater8 client experienced a consistent upward trend in their “Check-in Experience” scores. By examining the timing of compensation increases and bonuses for front desk staff against their performance data, the mystery behind the uptick was easy to solve, demonstrating how operational changes and happy employees can directly impact patient experiences.

From Insights to Action

rater8 strategy consultations offer a treasure trove of insights to enhance both a practice’s operations and online reputation. By combining quantitative survey data with qualitative comment analysis, these periodic consultations with rater8 are more than just a run-of-the-mill check-in with your dedicated AM. They offer an opportunity to further strengthen your reputation strategy to accommodate your practice’s unique needs and challenges.

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