Social Media and Your Medical Practice

More and more people are using social media platforms to express their opinions and seek out information about their health and health care providers. Social media can be a powerful tool that offers a way to advocate for your practice and patients. 74% of internet users engage on social media. 80% of those internet users are specifically looking for health information, and nearly half are searching for information about a specific doctor or health professional. (source ReferralMD)

As a medical practitioner, you can leverage the power of social media to market your practice and reach more people. Using platforms like Facebook and Instagram provides an interactive tool that can increase awareness of your practice.

Post, post, post.

One of the easiest ways to bring consistent attention to your website and in turn your practice is to post on social media.  You can use social media to keep patients informed about:

  • Your practice’s involvement in the community, sponsored events, etc.
  • The latest services and medical procedures you’re offering
  • Operational updates like your office hours
  • Introduce new doctors to your group
  • Announce and honor retiring doctors
  • Have any of your doctors received local or national awards? Celebrate these achievements and milestones over social media.
  • Have you recently opened a new office? Social media is a great place to share photos of new offices.
  • Did your team dress up or decorate for the holidays? Showcase your team and office with this personal touch. 

Social content is really a game of capturing attention. According to Facebook, the average time spent looking at a post on the mobile feed is 1.7 seconds. This is because people scroll quickly through social feeds, stopping only for content that catches their eye. With this in mind, posting a video can be a very powerful way to attract attention. Perhaps a short introduction of one of the doctors in the practice or a patient’s experience.


Proactive healthcare is all the buzz these days. Doctors are educating their patients on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Social media is another space where this useful information can be shared and found. For example, as flu season approaches, you could post a reminder for individuals to get their flu shots or share flu statistics. Sharing informative, educational posts on social media connects you with patients and potential patients. This improves the chances that people will not only use it but also share it with others.

Your message

With the opportunity to reach a wider audience you can more effectively communicate the “why” of your practice using social media. For instance, you could create monthly image-based posts that feature a doctor and a quote from them about the focus of their practice. 

Patient testimonials and feedback

With social media, there is ample opportunity to engage with your audience and get feedback about your practice. Getting reviews on platforms like Facebook will showcase patient satisfaction and increase your credibility among potential patients. The rater8 team is an expert in building your reviews on social media and can be a great resource for your practice in this area.

Helpful tools for social media

There are some terrific tools you can use to assist with your social media design, posting, and scheduling. Canva offers design solutions and social media templates that are sized correctly for platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Although you can post your content manually, it can be time-consuming and doesn’t give you an all-in-one solution.  Hootsuite and Social Sprout offer tools to curate and schedule content, measure your social ROI, run social media ads, and more.

What you can expect

Establishing and maintaining a successful social media presence may take some time for your practice but the benefits will be measurable. Doctors and health care professionals can build brand awareness, provide their audience with educational information, engage patients, and earn reviews that increase and showcase their credibility. With all these things in place, social media acts as an important tool to garner attention and grow your practice.

Want to see how you appear online?

Our team will put together a detailed online reviews analysis for your and your fellow doctors, analyzing your presence across Google, Healthgrades, and Vitals. 

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