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TestHuron Gastro increases new online reviews by over 14,000% in first year with rater8

Huron Gastro increases new online reviews by over 14,000% in first year with rater8

Meet Huron Gastro, P.C.

Huron Gastro has deep roots in the history of gastroenterology. William A. Gracie, the practice’s founding partner, was one of the first physicians in the United States to test and use fiber-optic instruments in the diagnosis and treatment of colonic disease. Dr. Gracie also studied the natural history of gallstones, and the principles he set forth in the 1970s for the management of asymptomatic gallstones are still widely accepted.

Today, Huron Gastro has expanded to multiple locations throughout southeastern Michigan, and proudly employs 24 board-certified gastroenterologists who offer a full spectrum of care in the diagnosis and treatment of adults with digestive symptoms and gastrointestinal disorders.

The Problem

In early 2022, Huron Gastro faced a common issue: an online reputation that skewed negatively due to Google reviews from a few unhappy patients. At first, the practice wasn’t too concerned about their online presence. They knew their providers offered exceptional care, and they expected their real-world esteem to shine through all the noise. After all, Huron Gastro is a trailblazer in gastrointestinal care, and the practice was already using surveys to obtain patient feedback and ensure they were providing the best possible experience.

While patient surveys are a wonderful tool for practice improvement, internal feedback does not contribute toward building an external reputation that’s visible to the public. Despite gleaning helpful patient experience data, Huron Gastro realized their approach was lacking, and they were not effectively showcasing their high level of patient satisfaction to the wider online community.

“Our Google reviews were less than ideal,” said Debbie McNeilance, Huron Gastro’s Chief Operating Officer. “We noticed that only unhappy patients were leaving reviews, which was not an accurate reflection of the quality of care we provide.

Huron Gastro

This phenomenon, while certainly not ideal, is incredibly common. Unsatisfied patients are far more likely to leave reviews than satisfied ones, leading to an unbalanced representation of the overall patient experience.

Considering the impact these negative reviews could have on the practice, McNeilance turned to her staff to conduct their own investigation. She asked her colleagues how they typically search for healthcare providers, and the consensus was clear. Online reviews hold significant weight when it comes to choosing where to go for trustworthy care. Despite having a stellar real-world reputation for delivering excellent care, Huron Gastro needed a way to increase their online ratings and get the word out about their exceptional services in the digital space.

The Solution

Recognizing the importance of improving their online reputation, Huron Gastro embarked on a journey to showcase their practice excellence. Leadership compared several options before selecting rater8, the leader in healthcare reputation management (HRM).

When reflecting on why they decided to join rater8 over other vendors, McNeilance shared, “rater8 was willing to work with us and educate us on things like how to write HIPAA-compliant responses to Google reviews. They also have amazing customer service. Whenever we need help or advice, we can trust our account manager to provide us with everything we need to be successful. We feel like rater8 is a great match because the Huron Gastro team also cares so much about delivering excellent customer service.”

"Whenever we need help or advice, we can trust our account manager to provide us with everything we need to be successful."

In launching rater8, Huron Gastro gained two critical new marketing benefits: 1) Reputation SEO, which boosts a practice’s ranking in search results and aims for Google 3-Pack domination, and 2) trust marketing, which establishes trust and confidence with patients through transparent sharing of feedback from others.

Huron Gastro’s partnership with rater8 brought them several solutions, including:

Online Review Builder

Fully automated, real-time online review requests that prompt patients to rate Huron Gastro’s providers and services with a single click or tap. Integrated with the practice’s EMR system, NextGen, rater8 sends requests directly to verified patients via text or email after checkout.

To maximize Huron Gastro’s online presence, rater8’s pollin8™ algorithm intelligently distributes reviews, directing each patient to the listing and review platform that needs the most attention.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Fully automated, post-visit satisfaction surveys delivered to patients via text or email. Designed to gather comprehensive feedback on the patient experience, rater8’s ergonomic micro-surveys cover the full spectrum of topics, including waiting room experience, staff performance, and more. With a customizable ratio, Huron Gastro can grow online reviews and receive patient feedback simultaneously.

The rater8 Platform

A unified dashboard that consolidates every satisfaction survey and online review to a single screen — for every listing, from every significant healthcare review site. With unprecedented visibility, Huron Gastro can easily monitor, analyze, and respond to reviews, and view advanced reports to evaluate the strengths and gaps in their patient experience.

"Since joining rater8, our reviews and star-ratings are like night and day."

The Results

Reflecting on their first year with rater8, McNeilance said, “Since joining rater8, our reviews and star-ratings are like night and day. A year ago we had only 30 reviews, and many of them weren’t a comprehensive reflection of our level of care. After a year with rater8, the number of reviews we’ve received has grown to over 4,000! When potential patients research our organization and physicians, they can have confidence in our practice and level of care. We’ve experienced a huge increase in patient satisfaction because we’re able to capture a much wider range of feedback, and a lot of it!”

Huron Gastro’s Clinical Operations Manager, Paula Magid, added, “I’m somewhat new to Huron Gastro, but I’ve been in the affiliated health system for a long time. At other practices, the external reviews don’t match the actual quality of care. It was great to join the team and see that the internal and external reputations match.”

With rater8, the group has experienced many successes, including:

A 14,114% increase in online reviews

The impact of adopting rater8 has been nothing short of remarkable for Huron Gastro. In just one year, their online reviews skyrocketed, highlighting their positive patient perception.

Huron Gastro Stylized pollin8 Chart

In 2021, their last full year without rater8, Huron Gastro built a total of 29 online reviews across their various listings — nowhere near reflective of the number of satisfied patients that come through their practice. With the implementation of rater8’s cutting-edge technology in February 2022, they surpassed all expectations by accumulating an impressive total of 4,122 online reviews in just one year, representing a staggering 14,114% increase. As a result, Huron Gastro saw their overall star-rating leap from a respectable 4.03 to a stellar 4.94.

By harnessing the power of rater8, the practice has successfully elevated their online presence and solidified their position as a trusted leader in gastroenterology and digestive care. With such remarkable results achieved within a short period, it’s clear that joining forces with rater8 was an invaluable decision for Huron Gastro’s continued success and growth.

Google 3-Pack domination

From the beginning of their partnership with rater8, Huron Gastro’s goals were simple: improve the visibility of their listings by optimizing their online presence and maximizing their Reputation SEO, compete more effectively with other regional gastroenterology groups, and accurately showcase their quality of care online.

By the end of their first full year with rater8, they had accomplished all of those goals. Adding an abundance of positive reviews resulted in a flawless online image that elevated their visibility, enhanced their trust marketing, and accurately represented their outstanding practice. Continuing with this strategy ensures Huron Gastro will maintain these key competitive advantages.

Overall, these efforts have led Huron Gastro to become a dominant online presence in southeastern Michigan’s highly competitive market, positioning them in the Google 3-Pack for nearly every relevant search result.

Huron Gastro, P.C. Google 3-Pack - New Layout

Today, 86% of patients read online reviews when searching for a healthcare provider. By positioning themselves at the top of relevant searches throughout the area, Huron Gastro is maximizing one of healthcare’s most prominent local decision-making methods, driving long-term growth in patient acquisition, conversion, and retention.

A 14% increase in Google listings actions

Since Huron Gastro’s initial surge in online reviews, the group has continued to benefit from a constant influx of high-quality reviews. Their greater online visibility continues to drive more patients to view and take action on their online listings, ultimately leading to more booked appointments and an excellent return on their rater8 investment.

Indeed, in their most recent year with rater8, Huron Gastro has seen a 153% increase in online reviews, correlated to a 14% overall increase in actions taken on their Google listings. This accounts for an 8% increase in website actions, a 32% increase in direction requests, and a 14% increase in phone calls.

Huron Gastro 1-year growth trend in online reviews and monthly listings actions

Overall, rater8’s leading HRM solution has become an integral part of Huron Gastro’s operation, providing the insights they need to deliver and showcase their exemplary patient care. With rater8, Huron Gastro will continue to collect timely, high-quality reviews, maximizing their Reputation SEO and fostering patient trust for years to come.

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