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TestHuman-First Recruiting in an AI-Driven World

Human-First Recruiting in an AI-Driven World

In today’s fast-paced, AI-driven recruiting landscape, both job seekers and recruiters face unprecedented challenges. Artificial intelligence has introduced efficiencies, but often at the expense of the personal touch crucial in the hiring process. While job seekers struggle to stand out in a crowded job market, recruiters are swamped by an overwhelming volume of applications. Balancing technological advancements with a human-centric approach is essential to fostering a positive candidate experience.

At rater8, our commitment to a human-first recruiting strategy remains steadfast. We prioritize a candidate-centric approach, ensuring each resume is reviewed personally and every applicant receives a direct response. We might use automated email templates to streamline communication, but there are no impersonal bots here — every applicant can expect an email detailing our decision.

Tips for Creating a Positive Candidate Experience in an AI-Heavy Environment

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1. Manage Job Postings Effectively

  • Limit Job Posting Duration: Once a job posting on your company’s website or LinkedIn receives 150-200 resumes, consider taking it down temporarily. This pause allows for a thorough review of all applications without an overflow, ensuring every candidate receives fair consideration.
  • Repost When Necessary: If the initial pool doesn’t yield qualified candidates, you can always repost. This approach prevents a backlog and reduces the number of applicants feeling neglected due to delayed responses.

2. Maintain Open Communication

  • Stop Ghosting Candidates: It’s crucial to communicate with all applicants, even if their resumes don’t meet the hiring criteria. Sending a rejection email is preferable to leaving them in the dark. If someone invests time in the interview process but doesn’t make it to the offer stage, a thoughtful email or call thanking them for their effort and providing feedback can make a significant impact.
  • Be Honest and Kind: While you may not be the final decision-maker, showing appreciation for their interest and honesty about their application status helps maintain a respectful and professional interaction.

3. Streamline the Interview Process

  • Respect Candidates’ Time: The interview process should be smooth and swift. Aim to fill positions within 30-45 days by having a clear understanding of the role and aligning on cultural and salary fit early on.
  • Consistency in Interviews: Limit the interview rounds to three or four with the same set of interviewers. This consistency sets clear expectations and helps expedite the decision-making process, reducing hiring costs.

4. Value Candidate Engagement

  • Encourage Questions: Allow candidates to ask questions throughout the interview. This not only makes them feel valued but also gives them a better understanding of whether the company is the right fit for their career goals.
  • Highlight Their Strengths: Acknowledge the candidate’s skills and positive attributes during the conversation. Building their confidence can enhance their overall experience and perception of your company.

5. Ensure a Human Presence

  • Minimize AI in Personal Interactions: While some companies might use AI for resume reviews and initial screenings, strive to keep the human touch in the interview process. This approach ensures candidates feel respected and considered as individuals rather than as data points.
  • Facilitate a Two-Way Street: The interview process should be reciprocal, giving candidates the opportunity to evaluate whether your organization aligns with their personal and professional aspirations.


At rater8, we take pride in putting the “human” back in human resources. Our PeopleOps team collaborates closely with hiring managers and candidates to ensure that every interaction is respectful and meaningful. By maintaining a human-first approach, we not only enhance the candidate experience but also build lasting relationships that transcend the hiring process.

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