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TestGonzaba Medical Group fosters exceptional patient experience with rater8

Gonzaba Medical Group fosters exceptional patient experience with rater8

Meet Gonzaba Medical Group

Nestled in the heart of San Antonio, Texas, Gonzaba Medical Group is a cornerstone of the Lone Star State’s healthcare landscape. 

Founded over six decades ago, Dr. Bill Gonzaba’s vision started with a simple belief: quality healthcare should be accessible to all. Today, that vision thrives thanks to a team of 92 providers and over 800 healthcare professionals. Together, they are committed to facilitating exemplary primary care and providing specialty services across three medical centers and four neighborhood clinics.

Exterior of Gozaba Medical Group's Hillcrest Location

The Problem

In 2019, Gonzaba found itself in a patient feedback predicament. Their patient satisfaction survey vendor’s feedback system lacked structure and organization, leaving their overall patient experience department feeling disjointed. Without a streamlined process to capture the patient voice and an easy way to analyze feedback, Gonzaba’s leadership team found themselves unable to effectively measure and improve the patient experience. 

Understanding the importance of filling this gap, Gonzaba’s team sought out a platform that could effectively remedy their issue. Gonzaba’s Director of Patient Experience, Chris Ivaska, shared, “We knew we needed a better system that would allow us to easily identify our greatest areas of need according to our patients. Providing a positive patient experience is central to our mission; to do that properly, we needed the ability to truly listen to our patients. Nothing stuck until we joined forces with rater8.”

The Solution

In 2020, in a more concerted effort to get a top-to-bottom view of their patient experience, improve their online reputation, and better contend with their local competitors, Gonzaba’s leadership team reviewed several alternatives and made the decision to switch to rater8, the leader in healthcare reputation management.

“It was clear from day one that we’d made the right decision,” Ivaska said. “With our previous vendor, we felt like we had to be data scientists to understand their dashboards. While the amount of data we’re able to collect with rater8 could easily become overwhelming, their dashboards and reports are easy to understand. Drawing conclusions and making decisions based on patient experience data has never been easier.”


Gonzaba’s collaboration with rater8 ushered in several solutions, including:

Online Review Builder

Fully automated, real-time online review requests that prompt patients to rate Gonzaba’s providers and services with a single click or tap. Integrated with the practice’s EMR system, athenahealth, rater8 sends requests directly to verified patients via text or email after checkout.

To maximize Gonzaba’s online presence, rater8’s pollin8™ algorithm intelligently distributes reviews, directing each patient to the listing and review platform that needs the most attention.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Fully automated, post-visit satisfaction surveys delivered to patients via text or email. Designed to gather comprehensive feedback on the patient experience, rater8’s ergonomic micro-surveys cover the full spectrum of topics, including waiting room experience, staff performance, and more. With a customizable ratio, Gonzaba can grow online reviews while simultaneously collecting real-time patient experience data.

“The ability to read our patients’ feedback in real time has brought a new level of transparency,” said Amanda Picioccio, Gonzaba’s Patient Experience Supervisor. “We’re seeing substantial improvements in how patients perceive our care.”

The rater8 Platform

A unified dashboard that consolidates every online review to a single screen — for each listing, from every significant healthcare review site. Gonzaba can easily monitor, analyze, and respond to reviews; view advanced reports and visualizations to evaluate the strengths and gaps in their patient experience; and benchmark their performance against over 16 million data points collected via rater8’s satisfaction surveys.


The Results

“This partnership with rater8 has truly transformed how we engage with our patients,” said Picioccio. “With rater8, we’re not just seeing numbers — we’re gaining a holistic view of our patients’ experiences. They feel genuinely cared for, and that’s what matters most to us.”

With rater8, Gonzaba has had many successes, including:

Increased new online reviews by 27,808%

Gonzaba adopted rater8 just prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, at which time Google deactivated its Google reviews functionality. Upon learning that businesses would be unable to receive Google reviews for several months, rater8 made the best of a bad situation, quickly redirecting all patients away from Google, and instead directing them to leave reviews on Healthgrades, Vitals, and WebMD.

Gonzaba Medical Group's rater8 pollin8 chart

Despite these initial setbacks, Gonzaba still managed to accumulate a stunning 24,280 patient reviews in 2020, compared to just 87 reviews in 2019. Further, 90% of those new reviews were 5 stars, elevating their overall rating by nearly 2 full stars.

Gonzaba Medical Group's review-building results a year before adopted rater8 compared to after one year with rater8

Collected patient experience feedback

In addition to improving their online presence through the cultivation of 5-star online reviews, Gonzaba has also benefited from rater8’s patient satisfaction surveys.

Shorter surveys and higher response rates have enabled Gonzaba to collect valuable real-time feedback on nearly every facet of their organization without burdening patients with long and cumbersome surveys.

Picioccio expressed appreciation for the flexibility and effectiveness of rater8’s surveys: “Our palliative care team was able to create completely customized questions about pain and depression. Those questions were not originally available in rater8’s repository, but the support team was able to seamlessly incorporate them into the survey bank.”

The ability to craft personalized questions enabled Gonzaba to gather the targeted feedback they needed to further enhance their quality of specialized care. Plus, the set of new questions was added to the bank of 150+ survey questions from which all clients can choose, allowing other groups to benefit from the collaboration.

rater8’s advanced reporting and data visualization capabilities allow Gonzaba’s team to continually and thoroughly analyze their patient feedback data. Combined with rater8’s ease of use, the group’s practice improvement efforts have resulted in timely and actionable refinements in their already impressive operations, leading to even greater satisfaction and retention.


Gained confidence to make data-driven decisions

rater8’s benchmarking capabilities mean Gonzaba can compare their performance to that of other organizations by location, specialty, size, and more. By benchmarking against industry standards, Gonzaba can both identify areas of improvement and celebrate their strengths. For instance, Gonzaba’s waiting room time score is an impressive 0.17 points higher than rater8’s nationwide benchmark.

One significant operational change resulting from rater8 feedback was Gonzaba’s adoption of Uber Health. “Because we have a large managed care population, many of our patients are older and lack access to reliable transportation,” Picioccio explained. “We noticed complaints about waiting for insurance-contracted vehicles, leading to missed appointments and disgruntled patients.”

Joining forces with Uber Health helped reduce no-shows and enabled Gonzaba to track patient transportation experiences. Indeed, Gonzaba’s transportation and parking convenience score sits 0.15 points higher than rater8’s nationwide benchmark, an improvement of 0.09 points since their first year of collecting patient feedback with rater8.

Another operational improvement stemmed from the addition of a survey question about call center wait times. “Our call center faced staffing shortages, leading to increased wait times,” Picioccio said. “By including a call center experience question in our rater8 surveys, we were able to pinpoint the issue immediately.” This proactive approach streamlined operations, leading to a stellar 0.33 point improvement since their first year with rater8.

Overall, rater8’s unified patient feedback platform has become an integral part of Gonzaba’s operation, maximizing their online reputation and providing the insights they need to deliver and showcase their exemplary patient care.

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