rater8 & NC MGMA Panel Webinar; Customer Service Strategies: How to Make (Almost) Every Patient Happy

TestCustomer Service Strategies: How to Make (Almost) Every Patient Happy

Customer Service Strategies: How to Make (Almost) Every Patient Happy

In this panel webinar, experienced healthcare leaders share tools and strategies they use in their medical practices to improve the patient experience and effectively interact with unhappy patients. Learn how powerful it is to collect, interpret, and act on patient satisfaction data to make (almost) every patient happy.

In this 60-minute, interactive panel webinar, you’ll learn:

If you didn’t get a chance to join us live, check out the recording below!

Webinar Panelists

Ron Chorzewski

Chief Executive Officer Midlands Orthopaedics & Neurosurgery

With over 30 years of experience in the healthcare field, Ron Chorzewski is the CEO of Midlands Orthopaedics & Neurosurgery in Columbia, SC. Starting his career as a Physical Therapist, Ron’s career evolved to include both rehabilitation and orthopedic administration. Trained as a PT at Quinnipiac College, Ron earned an MBA at Suffolk University in Boston.

Bradley Scheel

Experienced Healthcare Leader


With 14 years in healthcare, Brad’s experience as a
change agent has led to his success in advancing
practices in North Carolina and improving their
efficiencies, patient care, and profitability. In
combination with rater8, he has been able to
dramatically overhaul both their online reputations and overall marketability, leading to better connections to their community and potential patients.

Melissa Kale

Practice Administrator
Catawba Pediatric Associates

Melissa is a Certified Medical Manager with 30 years of healthcare management experience. She has been with Catawba Pediatrics in Hickory, North Carolina, for the last five years. She has three adult children, and her family just welcomed their first grandbaby in March.

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