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How to Establish a Culture of Connection Within a Remote Company

As the traditional boundaries of work continue to evolve, remote employment stands out as a powerful avenue for increased employee engagement. Explore some of the factors contributing to the greater engagement of remote employees and dive into the positive impacts it has on both individuals and organizations.

6 Factors Employees Value Most, rater8

6 Factors Employees Value Most

rater8’s most recent employee survey indicates there are six key factors our people value most. In this article, we explore each of these factors, what they mean for rater8, and how other employers can benefit from creating a culture that provides employees what they want.

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How to Engage Your Multigenerational Workplace

In this article, we examine the benefits and challenges of multigenerational workforces and explore a few tried-and-true methods rater8 uses to engage our own generationally diverse group of employees.

3 Hiring Strategies; rater8 blog

3 Hiring Strategies to Get the Right People on the Bus

The right person for a job isn’t necessarily going to fit neatly into a predetermined role. rater8’s three-part hiring strategy begins with “getting the right people on the bus,” and has allowed us to build an organization filled with talented people who are passionate about their work.


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