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Improving Your Medical Practice’s Overall Patient Experience

In this article, we explore insights from Joe Marino, practice administrator for Island Eye Surgery Specialists, a Staten Island-based ophthalmology practice with a long history of quality service. An intentional, detail-oriented leader, Mr. Marino shared his perspective on improving the overall patient experience, including staffing, patient feedback, and more.

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How to Improve Your Practice’s Patient Retention

Measuring how many patrons become long-term patients, patient retention is one of the most important metrics for practices of all sizes. In this article we explore why patient retention is important, how to measure it, and some strategies for improving it.

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Managing Patient Expectations in the Waiting Room

Patients and staff alike often dread waiting rooms, but what if we told you it doesn’t have to be that way? We sat down with one of our clients who excels in this area. We talked through what has worked best (and what has flopped) for them in crafting the ideal patient experience in their waiting rooms.

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How to Boost Patient Engagement on Social Media

Patient engagement has become a buzzword in the world of healthcare marketing, but how can healthcare providers actually foster online engagement with their patients? Social media is the perfect avenue to boost patient engagement online. This article will help you create an effective strategy to do just that.

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The Ultimate Guide to Patient Acquisition

Online resources are swiftly impacting the way patients seek out and select providers. Fortunately, with a winning marketing strategy, practices can adapt to healthcare’s changing digital landscape and evolve alongside healthcare consumerism to drive patient acquisition going forward.

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Crafting HIPAA-Compliant Review Responses

Healthcare providers are no strangers to HIPAA, but what does that mean for online reviews? Read on to explore some of the ways you can respond to patients while complying with HIPAA privacy requirements.


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