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Cary Orthopaedics


Cary Orthopaedics employs 15 doctors and 30 advanced practitioners in North Carolina, and has proudly served Raleigh and Southeast Wake County for over 30 years.

When CEO Brad Scheel joined the team in January 2019, he knew he had to do something about Cary Ortho’s subpar online image. “My best doctors had only 2-3 online reviews after practicing for 10-20 years,” Scheel explained.

Cary Orthopaedics struggled with the same problem many medical practices experience today: a low quantity of low quality online reviews. Most patients had exceptional experiences at the practice; however, the few outliers were inclined to vent their frustrations online. Having encountered this problem at his previous practice, Raleigh Endocrine Associates, Scheel knew how to address this.

This is the most effective platform I have ever seen. The outcomes we needed were delivered with extreme speed and exactly as sold. Rarely have I seen a company execute on a promise this fast...twice.

Brad Scheel, CEO


With rater8, Cary Orthopaedics sent automated surveys via email and text to capture patient feedback in real time. Thanks to rater8’s 27% response rate, they quickly racked up reviews and fine-tuned their practice’s operations based on real patient feedback. The practice’s main listing had a quick turnaround. “Within 90 days, we had a 4.7 star-rating and 540 reviews,” Scheel shared. “We were building the ratings on 11 physicians across 4 different locations – it was impressive.”

To measure their marketing success, Cary Orthopaedics tracked their Google My Business actions (calls, directions, website). Within 7 months of going live with rater8, their reviews across all their provider and office listings were up by 726%, and the actions involved with their listings increased 37%. The correlation between the increase of reviews and the rise of actions is depicted in the chart below.

Cary Orthopaedics - Chart depicting strong correlation between increase in reviews and increase in Google actions.
0 %
Increase in Google Reviews
0 %
Increase in Google Actions
(Website Clicks, Calls, Directions)
0 %
Survey Response Rate
Cary Orthopaedics - Google My Business profile with 4.8 stars overall and over 450 reviews.

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