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TestCampbell Clinic Orthopaedics optimizes online reputation and patient experience with rater8

Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics optimizes online reputation and patient experience with rater8

Meet Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics

Based in Memphis, Tennessee, Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics was founded in 1909 and has been providing the southwest region with world-class orthopedic care for over a century.

An internationally recognized leader in orthopedics, Campbell Clinic proudly offers a full spectrum of care and treatment options, including medical, surgical, rehabilitative, and urgent care services. Over its history, the practice has expanded to over 90 providers and 800 employees, operating at 9 practice locations with 2 outpatient surgery centers.

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The Problem

With a non-healthcare-focused reputation management vendor unequipped to meet their unique needs as an orthopedic clinic, and with an online reputation that, while respectable, did not fully align with their award-winning reputation, Campbell Clinic faced a frustrating problem in 2019.

Unfortunately, their vendor’s solutions were not tailored to the healthcare industry and therefore could not meet Campbell Clinic’s needs, including polishing the reputations of individual physicians. Worse, not only was the practice required to undertake the brunt of configuration efforts, but those efforts ultimately yielded poor results. The volume of reviews was low, and what reviews the vendor did build were distributed only to Campbell Clinic’s location listings. This resulted in dozens of unoptimized provider listings and an unbalanced overall reputation.

Leadership at Campbell Clinic recognized that while reputation management certainly had potential as a successful marketing strategy, they would need a stronger, healthcare-specific solution to enhance their online reputation in a highly competitive Memphis market.

The Solution

In 2020, in a more concerted effort to improve their online reputation and better compete with their local competitors, Campbell Clinic’s leadership team reviewed several alternatives and made the decision to switch to rater8, the leader in healthcare reputation management (HRM).

Recounting the decision, Campbell Clinic’s Director of Marketing and PR, Irina Ollar, shared, “It was clear from the beginning that rater8 understood and was equipped to handle the unique complexities of healthcare. They offered exactly what we were looking for: a cost-effective reputation management solution that was easier to manage and would produce better results. Between their review builder, post-visit surveys, and individualized support, we knew rater8 would bring our clinic to new heights.”

"It was clear from the beginning that rater8 understood and was equipped to handle the unique complexities of healthcare."

Campbell Clinic’s partnership with rater8 brought them several solutions, including:

Online Review Builder

Fully automated, real-time online review requests that prompt patients to rate Campbell Clinic’s providers and services with a single click or tap. Integrated with the practice’s EMR system, athenahealth, rater8 sends requests directly to verified patients via text or email after checkout. An athenahealth Accelerate Partner, rater8 ensured the integration process was quick and seamless.

To maximize Campbell Clinic’s online presence, rater8’s pollin8™ algorithm intelligently distributes reviews, directing each patient to the listing and review platform that needs the most attention.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Fully automated, post-visit satisfaction surveys delivered to patients via text or email. Designed to gather comprehensive feedback on the patient experience, rater8’s ergonomic micro-surveys cover the full spectrum of topics, including waiting room experience, staff performance, and more. With a customizable ratio, Campbell Clinic can grow online reviews and receive patient feedback simultaneously.

The rater8 Platform

A unified dashboard that consolidates every satisfaction survey and online review to a single screen — for every listing, from every significant healthcare review site. With unprecedented visibility, Campbell Clinic can easily monitor, analyze, and respond to reviews, and view advanced reports to evaluate the strengths and gaps in their patient experience.

"Between their review builder, post-visit surveys, and individualized support, we knew rater8 would bring our clinic to new heights."

The Results

Reflecting on their partnership with rater8, Ollar said, “Our online reviews skyrocketed and have continued to grow over the years, causing each of our listings to better reflect our world-renowned reputation. rater8 has not only kept every single one of their promises, but exceeded expectations with flying colors!”

With rater8, Campbell Clinic has had many successes, including:

Added 7,823 new online reviews year-over-year

In 2019, Campbell Clinic accumulated 1,442 new online reviews across their various listings and every major healthcare review site. At the conclusion of 2021, their first full year with rater8, Campbell Clinic gained 7,823 new online reviews, a 443% increase.

The practice not only saw an increase in the quantity of reviews, but also in the quality of those reviews, as 92% were 5 stars. In 2019, the Memphis practice received 1,215 5-star reviews; two years later, they added an astonishing 7,228 5-star reviews, a 494% increase that elevated their overall star-rating to 4.86.

Campbell Clinic comparison chart before and after implementing rater8.

Further, the imbalance caused by their previous vendor’s narrow focus on location listings (excluding individual providers) was quickly amended through rater8’s calculated and automated distribution of reviews to all of Campbell Clinic’s listings. Because rater8 built nearly 5x the number of total reviews per physician compared to the previous vendor, this created additional opportunity to distribute far more reviews to strengthen provider reputations without sacrificing the health of location listings.

Increased Google listings views by 84%

Since their initial surge in online reviews, Campbell Clinic has continued to benefit from a chain reaction of results. A constant influx of high-quality reviews continually promotes greater online visibility, in turn driving more patients to view their online listings.

Indeed, in the past year with rater8, Campbell Clinic has seen a 45% increase in online reviews, correlating to an 84% increase in Google listings views.

Campbell Clinic 1-Year Growth Chart

With rater8, Campbell Clinic will continue to collect timely, high-quality reviews, maximizing their online reputation and fostering patient trust. Overall, rater8’s leading HRM solution has become an integral part of Campbell Clinic’s operation, providing the insights they need to deliver and showcase their exemplary patient care.

Gathered patient experience feedback

In addition to improving their online presence through the cultivation of 5-star online reviews, Campbell Clinic has also benefited from rater8’s patient satisfaction surveys.

Shorter surveys and higher response rates have enabled Campbell Clinic to collect valuable real-time feedback on nearly every facet of their organization, including office cleanliness, staff performance, and more — all without burdening patients with long and cumbersome surveys.

Further, rater8’s detailed, categorized feedback has allowed Campbell Clinic’s team to thoroughly analyze their patient satisfaction data, including benchmarking against similar organizations nationwide, leading to timely and actionable improvements in their operations. Through these efforts, the Memphis practice has enhanced its already impressive operation, leading to even higher patient satisfaction and retention.

Overall, rater8’s reputation management solution — including both online reviews and patient satisfaction surveys — has become an integral part of Campbell Clinic’s operation, giving them the insights they need to deliver and showcase their exemplary patient care.

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