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TestBenchmarking Patient Experience: What Really Drives Satisfaction?

Benchmarking Patient Experience: What Really Drives Satisfaction?

The most valuable data healthcare organizations can collect stems directly from the patients themselves. The patient voice has evolved from feedback you’d listen to only during allotted appointment hours to precious nuggets of information that are actively collected throughout the patient journey. Feedback on questions like, “How was your check-in experience?” and “Were your questions and concerns addressed?” and “Would you refer us to a friend?” offer a goldmine of information.

It’s not just the voices within your own organization you should be paying attention to, however. There are millions of patients nationwide offering invaluable feedback about their healthcare experience, providing a benchmark standard to follow.   

As we often say at rater8, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” That’s why platforms like rater8 play an important role in enabling healthcare organizations of all sizes and specialties to capture, analyze, and act upon patient feedback. We enable them to see how they measure up against their competition — whether that be locally, regionally, or nationally. This, in turn, drives continuous practice improvement and helps uphold high standards of care.

Read on to learn more about the role benchmarking plays in the healthcare industry, the data points rater8 collects from practices nationwide, and what benchmarking success could look like for your organization. 


Benchmarking in Healthcare

  • Learn about the role of benchmarking in healthcare and the four different types that offer a baseline metric.

Benchmarking with rater8

  • Explore the three levels of benchmarking that rater8 offers, and learn how Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics used their comprehensive patient feedback to soar to new heights.

Start Collecting Patient Feedback Today

  • Discover how your organization can start their benchmarking journey, and join the ranks of thousands of healthcare professionals who put their trust in rater8 to elevate their healthcare organizations.

Benchmarking in Healthcare

Benchmarking in healthcare is crucial for organizations looking to stay ahead of the curve and reduce risk in decision-making. By comparing their performance against industry standards and best practices, providers can identify areas of improvement, implement changes, and ultimately enhance patient outcomes. Benchmarking also allows organizations to measure their success objectively, turning to these metrics as a roadmap for their success.

Four Types of Healthcare Benchmarking

In healthcare, there are four distinct types of benchmarking, each offering their own unique set of benefits. Keeping in mind it’s nearly impossible to excel in every aspect, using these benchmarks provides clarity on addressing specific issues. Whether analyzing internal data or seeking external insights, benchmarking helps leadership teams make informed decisions for improving processes and practices.

Pubmed identifies four kinds of benchmarking:

  1. Internal – Internal data help an organization measure against itself, either department vs. department or the same department among hospitals within a health system.
  2. Competitive – External data help leaders determine how their organization performs against competitors on a local, regional, and national level.
  3. Functional – A comparison of processes and methods within identical business functions outside the immediate industry, wherein the entities being compared are not in competition with one another.
  4. Generic – A comparison of how core processes or functions are practiced in a similar way, without regard to the industry, to gain a new perspective and way of thinking.
Infographic explaining the four different types of benchmarking in the healthcare industry

Benchmarking with rater8

With benchmarking playing such a crucial role in the healthcare sector, it may come as a surprise that more medical professionals aren’t using it more often. A recent survey from MGMA Stat found that 41% of medical practices benchmark their organization’s data vs. external data annually, compared to only 24% that benchmark at least monthly, and 15% that benchmark quarterly.

While the notion of collecting and analyzing large amounts of data might seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be. The best way to collect a sizable amount of data is to make the collection process as simple as possible.

With that in mind, rater8 understands the importance of brevity in survey design. Based on what your practice is most eager to measure and improve, you select from a bank of 100+ healthcare-specific questions, and our algorithm randomly selects no more than 5 questions per patient. The randomization allows for the collection of more data points across a variety of questions, and the limited survey length helps rater8 achieve an industry-leading response rate of 29% — even during follow-up visits.

Patients receive automated text or email surveys immediately after checkout, which means their experience is fresh in their minds, leading to more candid responses. The anonymity of the survey also fosters a comfortable environment for patients to express their opinions about their experiences.

With over 5.7 million survey questions answered in 2023 alone, and over 15 million total data points collected from patients nationwide, clients have access to a robust database to analyze and use at their own discretion — and it grows every day!

rater8’s Benchmarking Levels

rater8 allows users to benchmark at three different levels:

  1. Practice-to-Practice – Easily compare doctor, staff, and operational performance to that of other organizations based on any of practice size, specialty, and location.
  2. Doctor-to-Doctor – Which doctors are thriving and which would benefit from improving their bedside manner? In addition to analyzing doctor vs. doctor with rater8’s dynamic benchmarking report, our Verified Reviews pages allow physicians to see where they stand among peers, reinforcing what it takes to receive stellar ratings.
  3. Location-to-Location – Practices can benchmark their office locations against one another to quickly identify those that are falling short of patient experience goals. Certain questions like “Staff Friendliness,” “Office Cleanliness,” and “Check-In Experience” are best measured and analyzed by office location.
Graph of rater8's benchmarkable patient survey data

Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics Benchmarking Success

Thousands of rater8 clients have already reaped the benefits of our benchmarking capabilities. Take Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics, for instance; after initially partnering with a non-healthcare-focused reputation management vendor, Campbell Clinic quickly found that the platform was unequipped to meet their unique needs as an orthopedic practice. 

After implementing rater8, Campbell Clinic was able to effortlessly deliver fully automated, post-visit satisfaction surveys to patients. They could finally collect valuable, real-time feedback on nearly every facet of their organization — all without burdening patients with cumbersome surveys.

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Adding this categorized feedback to their arsenal also meant the leadership team at Campbell Clinic gained the ability to benchmark themselves against similar organizations nationwide, leading to timely and actionable operational improvements.

With help from rater8’s benchmarking capabilities, this Memphis practice managed to bolster its already impressive operations, resulting in even higher levels of patient satisfaction and retention rates.

Start Collecting Patient Feedback Today

No one is an expert on the patient experience like the patients themselves, and it’s time to listen. rater8 seamlessly captures the patient voice, empowering healthcare providers to make data-driven decisions when striving to improve the patient experience.

To further explore rater8’s benchmarking capabilities and our unified patient feedback platform, book a live demo and see how your organization, employees, and departments stack up against rater8 clients nationwide.

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