A Large Number of Online Reviews is Important for Patients and Doctors

The importance of having a significant number of online reviews can’t be understated. According to a survey by BrightLocal of 1,031 consumers, the average consumer wants a businesses to have at least 34 reviews before trusting the accuracy of its star rating.

Personally, I like to see at least 100 online reviews when choosing a doctor because there are many ways in which ratings can be manipulated. What if a doctor pressed friends and family to post 5-star reviews; or friends and family members of a competitor surreptitiously plant poor reviews? There is strength in numbers and the larger the number of reviews, the more difficult it is for the reviews to be manipulated.

Choosing a doctor is a very personal and important decision. Having confidence in the quality of reviews is even more important, which means that having a large number of online reviews will go a long way toward making patients confident in choosing a doctor – increasing patient volume and practice profitability for those physicians with large numbers of positive ratings.


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