2021 Year in Review

2021 By The Numbers

We had an amazing 2021 here at rater8!  With some exciting plans for the upcoming year, we look forward to continuing to provide you with the best technology and support and to further building your online reputation and practice improvement processes.

We have seen awesome growth from our customers, their practices, and our team. 

Top 8 New Features in 2021

Performance Scorecard Distribution

Keep your providers and physicians in the know by delivering monthly performance summaries directly to their inboxes.

Improved pollin8™ Algorithm

New and improved monitoring processes now drive our time-tested pollin8™ algorithm. Great monitoring leads to great pollin8tion – meaning your patients are always redirected where reviews are needed most… automatically and without you lifting a finger!

Reviews Growth Report

Ever wished you had every provider’s online performance all in one place? With the addition of the Reviews Growth report, you can now see rater8’s direct impact on your online presence, by listing and overall.

Dynamic Response Rate Report

Scroll through your response rate report and dynamically recalculate response rates for each location based on the date range of bars shown in the chart.  Quickly identify office locations with low review request-response rates and coach staff in communicating with patients that review requests are coming their way.

Advanced Question Mapping

Ask the perfect set of questions based on the patient’s appointment type or office location where they were seen.  Have a post-op visit?  Ask patients about the surgical booking process or their surgicenter experience.  Sending surveys to new patients?  Make sure you ask the right questions (i.e., don’t ask a new patient about their “Billing Experience”).

pollin8™ Results

Dynamic chart showcasing the growth in online reviews from month to month. Analyzes and outline the number and percentage of each type of review by star rating. Showcases average star rating across external review sites (Google, Healthgrades, Vitals, WebMD, etc.) each year before rater8 through the present year.

Can you guess when this practice started sending review requests with rater8?

Relevant Benchmarking

Recalculate the Benchmark Analysis and compare your practice to your peers based on specialty, region, practice size, or association (e.g., OrthoForum, AAOE, LUGPA, ASOA, etc.).

Zip Replies – HIPAA Compliant Google My Business Response Templates

Streamline responding to Google reviews by using rater8’s randomized response templates or creating your own custom ones!

There were many more exciting features added in 2021 and 2022 is off to an amazing start for the rater8 development team.

Shhhh… coming soon – Patient Sentiment Analysis featuring advanced semantic searching capabilities and artificial intelligence.

Want to see how you appear online?

Our team will put together a detailed online reviews analysis for your and your fellow doctors, analyzing your presence across Google, Healthgrades, and Vitals. 

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