How Patients Search for Doctors in 2021

Historically, most medical practices grew their patient volume through word of mouth referral. However, in an increasingly digital world, more and more patients are finding their medical providers through online search. In this article, rater8 shares how patients find their doctors online and what they can do to optimize their online presence.

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Waiting Room Tips for Your Medical Office

The waiting room is the first chance to tell patients you care about them. The patient experience doesn’t begin when they walk into the exam room. It begins the moment they walk in the door, starting with the receptionist and the waiting room. Patients often dread the waiting room, but small enhancements can improve the patient experience and drastically reduce negative feedback.

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improving patient experience

How to Improve Patient Satisfaction – 7 Easy Tips

The patient experience extends far beyond the exam room – it begins with scheduling the appointment, the front office staff, and the waiting room. And it extends to patient follow-up and billing.

rater8 analyzed over 100,000 patient surveys across the USA, hoping to identify recurring trends in patient experience and patient satisfaction. We compiled a list of the most commonly raised concerns, and how to address them in your medical practice. Doing so will lead to improved patient satisfaction, higher patient retention, and increased patient volume.

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How to Respond to Negative Reviews

Most doctors and medical practices have, at some point, encountered an unsatisfied patient who leaves a nasty online review. This negative review is now displayed online for the world to see indefinitely. Bad online reviews are inevitable but you’re in luck. rater8 reveals a number of tips to proactively address bad online reviews.

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5 Critical Mistakes That are Harming Your Online Reputation

As patients continue to flock to the internet in search of medical information and physician recommendations, traditional marketing dwindles in importance. While print advertisements and word of mouth were once sufficient for attracting new patients, the internet now holds the potential to make or break your practice and your new patient volume. Because of this, it is imperative that all aspects of your practice’s online reputation are carefully considered and well-crafted. rater8 reveals what a strong reputation management strategy entails.

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healthcare website design

10 Orthopedic Marketing Strategies for Your Medical Practice’s Website

Your orthopedic practice’s website is an integral part of your marketing and online reputation efforts. First impressions count. In this article, we’ll share 10 useful design tips for building a website that converts online visitors into patients. These actionable tips will enhance your online visibility, and help your medical practice’s website reach its full potential.

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The Rise of Google My Business

When searching for information about a physician recommendation, first impressions are often the deciding factor – people most often turn to Google to validate a doctor recommendation online before making an appointment.

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